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A Week in Review (December 27-January 2, 2016)

A Week in Review (December 27-January 2, 2016)

Watched: Fireworks going off from the top of Pike's Peak from my bedroom window.  We had the Petersen's and Jonathan over for New Year's Eve.  When it got close to midnight, we all went up to our bedroom window and watched the fireworks go off.  it was a pretty amazing display.  I couldn't help but think of how freezing it would be for the people lighting them off or for the people who had to go clean up the mess the next day.  If you are ever in the Springs on NYE, I would really recommend them.  

Read: Nothing.  I am in a total lull.  I need to find something to do spice up things up so that I make the choice of a novel instead of messing around on my phone or watching TV.

Listened: To Jack and Nora goof around a lot.  He loves to play with her and snuggle her.  He also likes to train her.  We are working well on sit, down, and off (she loves being on the furniture, but that isn't allowed here).  She is pretty smart, but still quite a puppy.  Jack is thinking once we get those masters, we will teach her stay.  Other tricks that she might be learning are stand, sit up straight (not sure what that one will be), hug, roll over, play dead, and tons of others.
Made: Up our own version of Left, Right, Center--a dice game that my mom taught us.  She had specialized dice, but I didn't think about getting them when I was out at the store.  Jack asked that we play it with everyone for NYE.  We had to call my mom to get the right numbers for each call, but once we did, it was relatively easy to do.  As we play it out, the game goes like this.  Everyone starts out with four quarters.  You have to roll up to three dice, but you can not roll dice more than you have quarters.  If you roll a 1, you pass one quarter left.  If you roll a 2, you pass one quarter left right.  If you roll a 3, you put a quarter in the center.  If you roll a 4, 5, or 6, you keep your quarter.  You play until only one person has quarters and the rest are in the center of the table. The winner gets all the quarters from the game.

Felt: Excited about 2016.  2105 wasn't all smooth sailing, but there could have been a lot of worse years.  I am looking forward to keep moving forward in 2016.  We don't really do resolutions around here, but we seem to reflect on the things we want to achieve for the year.  I want to read more.  Nick would like to be home more.  Jack would like to keep excelling at math.  We hope the best for you all too!

Planned: On getting Nora sooner rather than later, but it happened even quicker than I expected.  One of the area low cost spay and neuters had an opening on Tuesday, so Jack and I drove Nora down to Pueblo.  We spent the day messing around and seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens again.  It wasn't as great for me the second time, but I still enjoyed it.  Nora was pretty lethargic for the first 24 hours afterward.  Jack was excited when she got back to her normal self.

Loved: Unwrapping a late Christmas present from my friend Shane.  I was so excited to finally get this because I have known about it forever.  He made it almost a year ago, but didn't get around to mailing until this Christmas season.  It looks perfect on my bookcase as reading really does help me escape.    I also loved the surprise Jack had in store for me.  After his bath, he got dressed up and combed his hair nice.  Then he organized up the bathroom (even making sure the shower hooks were evenly spaced!), picked up his bedroom and made his bed, and then he made my bed too.  He was so proud of himself that we just had to take pictures to show off to everyone.  I can really get used to surprises like that!

Here are the pics for the week:  (Clearly Nora is the new child here.  Lots of pictures of her)

Wrestling before bedtime

All exhuasted

Isnt she so cute?

My gift

Jack's series of surprises

Nora in her cone of shame.  She is such a licker!

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