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A Week in Review (January 24-30)

A Week in Review (January 24-30)

Watched: The Broncos D whoop on Tom Brady.  I used to like Tom Brady, but then he started getting caught cheating and whining all the time that my feelings really went the other way.  I am so glad that in clutches of the game the D held out to win it for us.  They were done no favors by our offenses total inability to take time off the clock.  We are really going to fix that before Super Bowl 50.  The last time a number one offense (the Broncos) played the number one defense (the Seahawks), the results did not fair well for Broncos fans.  However, since we have the number one defense this time, I am hoping for good things.

Read: I finally finished Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter. The deadline of due date got me to dedicate plenty of time to it this week. Overall, I did not enjoy the book because of the disjointed manner in which it was told. I also didn't feel that she was very "hidden". Sure her disability was often lied about and masked, but I don't think it's that uncommon. They allowed a Time magazine article to be published which clearly mentioned there were issues with Rosemary. Her story of a lobotomy gone wrong makes me thankful to live in a more accepting society. It's hard to believe that was the best school of thought. It is great to know that out of their experience with their sister, the Kennedy children were able to do many positive things for the disabled community.  I started The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. I am doing this as a buddy read with my friend who has already finished, so I hoping to have it done within a week. I'm only about 10% of the way in, but I am excited to see where it will go.

Listened: To Jack whoop it up after his team won at basketball. I'm not sure how he decided he won, since the coach switched him on teams at halftime. It bums me out that there isn't a basketball league without Saturday games that conflict with wrestling tournaments.  He is enjoy himself and that's what I really want out of sports for him. 

Made: A delicious and filling salad for dinner one night.  It was called Southwestern Barley Salad.  You can find the recipe HERE.  It really had a Chipotle Lime Rice flavor with sliced tomatoes.  We had some leftover steak that we added a couple pieces too and that was a great compliment since it was our full dinner. However, this will definitely be a side dish that I will take to potlucks in the summer.  I say give it a try!

Felt: Nervous for Jack. There was a big tournament in Castle Rock this week and he decided he wanted to wrestle in the B class.  Luckily, he actually did quite good. He got silver, winning two and losing one. If you would like to watch his three matches, you can do it HERE and HERE and HERE.

Planned: Just to do my usual board for the Pride Assembly winners for Jack's school. However, the wellness committee (which Jack's teacher is in charge of) created a new award for the teacher that logged the most fitness activities.  She asked if I could take their class photo and hang it on the board. Since the board isn't mine, I ran it by the counselor who wasn't thrilled with the idea. It was then that I spotted the empty bulletin board behind her and asked if we could use that.  After running it by a few more people, we were good to go and everyone was happy. I was able to get the stuff made while Jack was at wrestling practice and so I was able to get it up the next day. 

Loved: The beautiful weather that we had. It makes the mountain of snow they are predicting for the next couple of days a little more bearable since we had a stretch where you didn't need a coat to be outside. Nora loved that when I came home, I would go out in the yard and toss the bone around with her.  We took advantage of the nice Saturday and grilled up some hamburger and artichokes. Yummy!

Here are the pics for the week:

Maybe not the best post shot form. Haha

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