Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Week in Review (Nov 29 - Dec 5)

A Week in Review (Nov 29 - Dec 5)

Watched: The first season of Modern Family. I had heard lots of good things about the series and they are all true.  I loved it so much.  It was like Parenthood, but chalk full of comedy.  There is quite a wait for the series at the library, so I am not sure when I will be getting the second season.  Hopefully soon because a girl could always use more laughter in her life!

Read:  I finished up After You.  I wish I had reread the first novel in the series. While I don't think you need it for background information, it would have helped me to connect with the characters much more quickly. I didn't get attached to anyone in the story until about half way through. But once I did, I was just turning the pages quickly trying to see what was going on. If when you finish Me Before You and just need more, pick this up and you will be delighted.  Next, I started All the Light We Cannot See.  

Listened: To XM radio in rental car.  The first car that they gave me had a damaged bumper.  The second one had clearly been smoked in and not taken great care of, but it did have XM radio included so that was a nice treat.  I even thought that I might want to look into getting that for my next car, but when I saw the price, I decided I would rather just use data and play Pandora when the regular radio didn't trip my trigger.  It was fun, but I wouldn't pay for it for how I would use it.

Made: A snowglobe for Conner, our elf.  While it was kind of fun, I totally would not recommend it!  I used shredded paper for snow and stuck some blue stickers on the outside of bowl.  I only had a 2.5 Qt bowl and I wished it would have been bigger.  It was fun, but not sure I would recreate next year.

Felt: In love with my Christmas decorations.  This s the first year that Jack has really helped with the tree.  He wasn't game in the beginning, but by the end he was having a blast.  It is so fun to look at all the old ornaments that he has made or we have been given from family and friends.  I can't imagine having a tree with just bulbs.  I am getting so many that I think I may need to have a second tree just so I can display them all.

Planned: On Jack staying in his room so that he could get good sleep before his big wrestling tournament.  So I switched out the elf location and ruined it all.  He told me that he didn't believe elf was real and clearly I had done it.  So I left him a note saying that we were going to the North Pole and he could write me a letter if he wanted to come back  I really hope he writes one soon.  I have a lot of fun things planned.

Loved:  Seeing lots of my KC friends.  Some people may consider it kind of silly flying all that way for just a short amount of time, but seeing my dear friends in person (instead of just on FB) energizes me.  It is so nice to have a group of people who know me so well and who make me laugh so hard.  There is a good group picture of us (and the coconut headed terrorist).  I spent a lot of extra time with my friend Sarah seeing her triplets (and her bigs for a short time).  We were even able to enjoy Granite City.  

Here are the pics for the week:

Boy tried on my glasses and wanted me to take a picture for him.

This is the delicious cake that I brought for Bunco.  It was made by my dear friend Sally at Sweet Perfection Bakery.  I even got to spend some time chatting and catching up with her.

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