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A Week in Review (January 17-23)

A Week in Review (January 17-23)

Watched: The Broncos play horribly against the Steelers.  Jack's birthday party ran through most of the game so I had to DVR it.  I am so thankful that the parents didn't give away how bad the game was going.  I might have lost hope.  My mom had bought me a cool new shirt that I was wearing and I was beginning to think it was bad luck.  Luckily, the defense came through and we were able to get a win.  If they don't play better, we will have no hope of winning against the Patriots.

Read: Again this week, I limped through Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter.  I am hoping that the due date will inspire me to use some of the time Jack is at school next week to finish it up.  It is has pretty positive reviews on Goodreads, so I keep holding out hope.

Listened: To Jack burst into tears on the mat when they declared his opponent the winner.  He is started the match strong, but really never had his heart in it.  The scorers table messed up the score and so he thought that he was winning, when he really wasn't.  He has been told by several coaches, repeatedly, to not look at the score during the match.  He couldn't believe it when the score showed him as the winner, but the ref called the opponent the winner.  It stunk for him because I know he would have wrestled harder if he thought he was losing.  However, I think it made a great lesson in not looking at the score and just wrestling your hardest.  He was able to end up with 2nd at the tournament, but he should have gold.  I hope the lesson sticks!

Made: Jack's birthday cakes.  He wanted a Force Awakens them and I wasn't sure how I could accomplish that.  Luckily Party City had this centerpiece pack that had decorations that I think work so well.  Luckily my mom was still in town when I iced them so she was able to help and had the great idea of sticking the confetti that came with them on the sides for further detail.  They were a big hit with the kids and many kids had a second piece.

Felt: Amazed at the generosity of Jack's friends at his party.  He got a lot of really nice and thoughtful presents.  The party was a big success with all the kids and the adults alike.  There was a bit of confusion on the part of the staff and that made things a bit more hectic for me, but I think they took care of the issues as best they could.  The parents were all very understanding.  Now to just get him to write all the thank you notes.  That's where the truly hard work comes in!

Planned:  On doing all sorts of crazy things for Jack's yes day, but he really didn't go overboard.  He actually slept in a good chunk of it, which didn't surprise me too much after the busy weekend we had.  We started the morning with some family Minecraft.  Then we watched some Pat and Jen videos.  He picked a simple lunch and we played some more games in the afternoon.  For dinner, we went to the Melting Pot.  It was delicious as always.  The gave Jack a chocolate covered strawberry with a candle melted to the plate to celebrate his birthday.  He wouldn't try it, so I got to and I loved it.

Loved: Watching Jack and Nora grow close.  She loves to sleep with him.  I took a quick picture of them snuggled up for the night.  She gets in his bed with him, but wont do it when I am around because she knows that I don't allow her on furniture.  It was a beautiful afternoon Saturday.  We have some trails in our neighborhood and we took Nora for a partially off leash walk. She loved it.  There was one spot with small tall grass that she was able to go spook birds out of it.  She was in heaven.  We did stop at the park and play for a bit on the way home.  We probably walked about 3 miles and enjoyed every minute of it.  He also set to work on teaching her to dance and she is enjoying all the treats that come with learning a new trick.

Here are the pics for the week:

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