Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Week in Review (January 3-9)

A Week in Review (January 3-9)

Watched: Days of Our Lives quite a bit.  I had fallen almost an entire month behind on shows and my DVR was really getting crowded.  It was a bit helpful that the show is on at noon and so I missed a couple episodes due to late breaking news.  I am not all the way caught up, but I made a good chunk.  It is really getting quite sad.  Don't they know that enough people have the blues in the winter and don't need their regular programming to bring them down.   

Read:  To try and break my slump, I decided to try out a Juvenile Literature book The One and Only Ivan.  I was totally drawn in by the cover. The story is told by Ivan, the gorilla. It's a very enduring story about the power of love, loss, and promises. I think this book would be a good read aloud for young children and a fine read for those in grades 3+.   A non-fiction book came off my wait list at the library.  It is called Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter.  While it seems like a bad excuse, I am not sure how far I will be able to make it because the book reeks of cigarette smoke.  Ugh!

Listened: To Jack and I try to come up with creative ways to make our gingerbread house stick together.  We tried to be patient, but the roof just kept sliding off.  We each got a lot of giggles out of us.  I was thinking maybe it was the kit, but then my friend posted a picture of her family's completed one!  Guess it was user error.  We probably should have waited until Nick got home, but we had a good time trying.    Plus, we got these really cute gingerbread men out of it anyway.
Made: Mom's yearly calendar.  I have a really good time putting them together for her.  I am always interested to see what pictures she choose from the previous years.  It is a challenge to try to come up with themes for the pictures, but I think I do a pretty good job.  She always has it proudly displayed so I know she loves it too!  I'll be exciting waiting her response to this years.

Felt: Glad for the Wilson and Company annual Christmas party.  It was held at Maggiano's in Englewood (a suburb of Denver)  It had been snowing on and off for the last couple of days, but we made it there without any real trouble.  Denver traffic wasn't even that heavy.  There wasn't any entertainment, which made the night a bit long.  I mentioned that we were used to entertainment to the head of the Colorado Springs office and he mentioned that they might be changing the venue up a little next year.  I am all being able to dress up a little nicer, but engineers aren't the best social talkers and so it's good to have something to do while you chat.  Can't wait to see what they come up with.

Planned: On a snow day on Friday.  The forecast made it look like were going to get quite a bit, and with ASD 20s history this year, I was sure there would be no school Friday, even though the kids had just went back on Wednesday.  I even got all my stuff done so that I wouldn't have anything to worry about doing while Jack was a home with me.  He was less than thrilled when I made him go to bed on time, since he too, was certain there would be no school.  Turns out we were wrong.  While we did end up with as much snow as they have been calling it for, the kids went.  It was a pretty warm snow.

Loved: The return to routine.  I know that I will be bored with it in a couple weeks, but it felt so nice just have things fall into place.  I like that I can get all the little things done without feeling like I am missing out on time with Jack.  A half week back was really just perfect.  Next week will be a bit crazy because we found out Nick has to go out of town, Jack starts basketball and he turns 8!  Lots to do--just the way we love it!

Here are the pics for the week:

We even had a nice wreath on the front door.

Nora didn't like waiting for me to get back from running errands.  I sure hope she had a good time shredding the empty box.

I took her to school with me the next day to pick up Jack.  I was a little nervous she was going to shred my seats while I waited for him, but luckily she did not. 

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