Thursday, 26 February 2009


Isn't it amazing how content little ones are with the smallest things? You can spend all the time and money pick out the greatest books and toys and yet they like to play with the leaf the dog brought in on his paw!

Jack is so much more content now that his father is home. They don't have to be doing anything together. He just seems that he is more at peace when he knows that his Dad is around.

We have a crazy week next week. It is National Lutheran Schools Week, so I need to bake a bunch of goodies for the bake sale. I have to get ready for the kiddos to sign at church. Then we've got a family game night on the 5th.

The most exciting thing for next week is on Sunday. Don't forget to see the Jayhawks battle (hopefully, whoop) the Tigers. If they can come back from 12 down to the number 3 team in the nation at their house, than all things are possible.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Nick's out of town...again

Not much of note today. We had an excellent weekend. Nick took all of Saturday off again. We went to a playgroup in the morning. There were so many kids there that it was a bit overwhelming for all of us. It is funny to see Jack interact with other children his age. He definately has no idea about waiting for toys or turns or much of anything.

Speaking of not waiting, this is leading to some horrible tantrums at home. He can scream bloody murder when he is angry. I took a Baby Sign class tonight so I am hoping that giving him a way to express his emotions may help those. I think that he just has a strong personality, which is good that we are working on learning those things now.

I am hoping that tomorrow that weather is as nice as predicted because we will spend most of our day outside. He loves to go for wagon rides, especially if there is a park stop involved. He is getting good at climbing his little tikes slide, but he still needs some help figuring out what do when he gets to the top.

As I close this message, the Jayhawks are down by 12. I sure hope things turn around. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Blog Worthy Day

Today was one of those really enjoyable days. He slept until 6:20 (which is sadly becoming sleeping in) and then we had a nice nurse and snuggle until almost 7:30.

For breakfast he ate, about 30 grapes, 5 silver dollar pancakes, and half a container of applesauce. We got dressed and headed out for our Thursday playgroup. It is becoming something we both look forward too. The is a core group of regular attendees who it is nice to visit with.

After play group we headed over to school to pick up the gerbils and my paycheck. He went in with the MDO group for a while and I was so amazed at the difference just a year makes. It made me so excited about all that is too come!

He took a catnap on our ride home and when I woke him up he was hungry again. Unbelievably, he ate almost 6 ozs of butternut squash, and some chex cereal, and more applesauce. I was thinking he was most likely done eating for the day. We then went to living room and had a great time playing. He chose to walk from the end of our couch clear into the kitchen. I just don't think he realized what he was doing as he was jabbering away pretend that the remote was a phone. I tried to get him to repeat it, but he wouldn't. He's a bit stubborn like that.

We then went out to HyVee. It is so funny to see him ride in the ridiculous sized car themed shopping carts. There is no way that I could do my whole weeks worth of shopping, but it is nice treat for him. I love taking him to the banana isle. It gives everyone there a laugh. I recorded his reaction to bananas on video tonight so look for it soon. After our trip home, we ate dinner again. This time he had a cheese stick, a banana, some sweet potato, some baby carrots, and some tuna fish! If he eats nothing tomorrow, I will not be surprised.

We then play around some more and when it was ready for bed, he had me read books to him for 40 minutes. He would have kept going, but I called it quits since he only had two catnaps all day. When I laid him down, he just snuggled under his blanket and look up at me peacefully. It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

It has been a wonderful day. Nick got the boy dressed and we headed out around 9:30am. We were on a search for a new camera, since I dropped the last one down a flight of concrete stairs trying to get the perfect shot of the boy. I did find one that I liked and it takes great video. We got some good ones of the boy taking a few steps. His dad and "Aunt" Laurie say that is walking. Apparently they both think that I am being to hard on him. Speaking of his Aunt Laurie, both she and Patrick were kind enough to watch Jack while Nick and I went and watched The Reader at the Cinema Suites. The wonderful thing about all of this, is that it was all set up as a surprise by Nick.

I thought as an ode of Valentine's Day, I would try to list 14 things I love about being a mom.

1. I love slobbery open mouth kisses.

2. I love the biggest bear hugs that I get when I walk into the room.

3. I love that the way that he gets all excited over the little things, like bananas and dishwasher detergent.

4. I love sharing my favorite books with him.

5. I love teaching him new things.

6. I love that I can make him giggle with slapstick comedy. Tripping myself is par for the course. I am glad it makes my kid laugh.

7. I love that I have a better excuse as why my house is a mess.

8. I love that he loves to hear me sing. The Rock Chalk chant is still his favorite.

9. I love his smile.

10. I love that he is such a mix of Nick and I. He can climb like a champ and throw a fit like a hurricane.

11. I love to watch him sleep.

12. I love watching Nick be a dad.

13. I love watching him make other people smile.

14. I love my son.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Third Time's A Charm?

So I am not sure if anyone is reading this, but I thought I would try again. The blogs won't be long or detailed, but may give you a brief snippet into our days. I thought they would be a bit like my constant status updates on facebook.

Today, I got my conferences done. They went smoothly. There wasn't much I had to say that the parents hadn't already heard. I think it helps the parents feel a lot more connected with me and the school.

Jack doesn't seem any closer to walking. He is doing a lot of standing on his own in random places, but he just feels more secure with a hand on something. He has taken a few single steps, but nothing with consistency. He had his Valentine's party at his daycare today. I ended up being the only parent to make valentine's, but the kiddos appreciated them. I also gave them to his friends outside of daycare.

Nick is working like crazy. In fact, he is still on the phone as we speak. He is looking forward to June to the end of this project. I think that they are going to try and give more like this. I am not sure how much of it we can all take. At least they have given him a laptop so that he has able to spend sometime with Jack the majority of evenings.

Hopefully, I will write more tomorrow. Don't hold your breath waiting though!