Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Week in Review (February 16-22)

A Week in Review (February 16-22)

Watched: All of the shows that Downton Abbey has aired. My two week obsession is now down to an episode a week.  It really is a Masterpiece Classic!

Read: I am still working on 12 Years a Slave. It is intense as I thought it would be. I can't read too much of it in one sitting.  I had another book, , come off hold, so I began that as well. Just getting started, but I think it will pull me in quickly. 

Listened: I started the next book in the Sookie series, 
. It works well for listening in the car because the story doesn't take a lot of thought and you can go long stretches without listening and be able to pick it right back up where you left off. 

Made: My very own Bat glider boat that was to be part of our larger family creation.  We have had several Lego Movie inspired building sessions.  I real lack Master Builder skills so I do what I can.

Felt: So excited.  When I was talking with my friend about who should play me in her life story, I chose Drew Barrymore (funny, I know).  Any-who, it made me think that I hadn't seen her in anything in a while.  So I go to see what's up and I find out that her and Adam Sandler have a new movie coming out a the end of May. I am beyond thrilled. The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates are two of my favorite movies!

Planned: On Jack going to his friend Kate's house while Ms. Beth's husband underwent surgery for a deviated septum. He had such a good time playing with her. Her mother is quite nice too. I can see why Jack would enjoy her company!  I think she will be an excellent back up for me for when Beth needs a break.

Loved: Watching Jack apply for his own library card. He had to fill out the whole application on his own. His face was so serious when he signed the responsibility line.  It's very exciting for me that he wants to take his ownership of his own library materials.

Here are the pics for the week:

The top of his application

Jack working with his LEGO pile. 

Our LEGO creations combined. 

I just love the look on Wiggin's face. I think this picture really captures pure joy. Jack was jumping up and down at the end when he made the winning shot. I can't imagine how either him or Wiggins would react if we win a national championship. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

A Week in Review (February 9-15)

A Week in Review (February 9-15)

Watched: The Lego Movie with Jack. It is really quite the cute movie. If you have a loved one who is into Legos, then I think you would enjoy it. If you don't, then I say you should pass or definitely wait until it comes out on video.  Bottom line: Everything is awesome! (You'll get it if you watch the movie)

Read: Finished up Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5).  It continued down the same formula that the previous books have followed. I think it's interesting how Sookie sees herself as dowdy, yet every male character wants to be her life partner.  I'm sure I will keep reading on, but there won't be any great rush. The next book in line is . It seems like it is going to be an intense read. 

Listened: To bit and pieces of 
Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5). I'm not alone in the very often, especially when Jack has long breaks from school. 

Made: Lots of fun plans for Jack's long weekend. Unlike the snow day break, we had several activities that we scheduled for each day. It really helps to break up the time when you have places that you need/want to be.  We went to the movies, Chuck E Cheese, out to take good to teachers, etc. 

Felt: So proud of Jack. We've been playing a lot of darts recently and I am always blown away at how good he is at math. However, he usually loses as Nick and I don't really pull punches during games. So I was so proud of him when he finally won a game against us. He wanted to pull the errant dart, but I told him it needed to stay in the board for the pic. You can see it below.

Planned: Another week's worth of meals. While that might not be noteworthy for most people, it's a pretty big deal at our house. We are so bad at just falling back to eating out if I don't layout what is for dinner. I think it helps take the guess work out of it, which makes a big difference. It has also meant that Nick has had to have dinners that he just doesn't love 100%. I'm thankful that he never complains :)

Loved: Going to Jack's Valentines Party. They did a little program before hand. It was very cute. I tried to snap a picture of him in his Love Bug headband, but I didn't get a great one and it cut off the beginning of the song in the video. Alas, I shall survive!

Here are the pics and video for the week:

Jack was obsessed with the long icicles hanging from everyone's house. Luckily Tuesday was perfect conditions for one from our back deck. I broke it off, gave it to him expecting he would spend a while exploring it. Nope too cold!

The winning shot!

The love bug Jack made for a sample for his school party. Everything is stickers so that made it so much easier!  Good thing because I made 20 of them with his class in about 30 minutes!  They were all very proud of them. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Week in Review (February 2-8)

A Week in Review (February 2-8)

Watched: The Broncos play in the Super Bowl.  It was extremely disheartening.  The only good thing to come out of it is that I won some money from some pools that I entered.  It didn't lessen the pain of the embarrassment my team gave me.  At least I can say that they were AFC champions. 

Read:  I finished up The Sugar Queen.  I enjoy Sarah Addison Allen books. You know what you'll be getting, but still the story line draws you in. I totally wish I was like Chloe and books would just appear me to me when I needed them. It really feels like there needs to be a follow up to this book though!  Next, I started Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5). It has been in the typical fashion of Sookie novel.  I am hoping to be done by the end of next week.  

Listened: To a new to me TV series called Downton Abbey.  The first three seasons are currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime and I have been binge watching them.  If you enjoy historical fiction, I would highly recommend tuning in!  Not sure what I will do about the 4th season because it is not available for free yet. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there!

Made: Some lego creations with Jack. The library decided to open up their Legos to give the kids something free to do outside of the house on the 3rd snow day. He had so much fun and created a fun space ship. :)

Felt: Extremely grateful that Jack likes playing with other staff members children at my work. On Friday, had to have our open enrollment due to snow. Because Jack was already slated to come with me because Olathe had a professional development day, he had to wake up and leave our house at 6:30. He fell asleep on the ride there and back to sleep once we for there (see the hilarious photo of him below). At lunch, two other Kindergartners whose mom's also work there arrived.  They had so much fun being together. Jack even chose to miss open gym so he could stay and play longer. He apparently asked the girl to marry him and it left her speechless!

Planned: For a snow day on Tuesday and sure enough, we got it. We even convinced Nick to stay home and play with us too. We slept in and played plenty of games. We finished up Jack's Valentine's for school.  They turned out quite cute! What we didn't plan for snow days on Wednesday and Thursdsy, but we got those too!

Loved: That Jack got to have more spectators for his basketball game. His Uncle Kevin and Aunt Debbie came up to cheer him on. He also got to pick out where we went out to dinner-Mr Goodcents. He was heaven and I thought it was pretty good too. We are blessed that family and friends are able to  watch him on the court. It makes things more enjoyable for him. 

Here are the pics for the week:
Jack in awesome shirt his Aunt Valerie made for him!

One of his snow day activities-a couch cushion fort. In this pic, he is showing how he can play the Wii on the tiny screen of the Wii tablet. 

His Lego Spaceship creation. 

Jack conked out at school on Friday morning. 

Here is a pic of Nick and Jack on his Watch Dog morning. 

Some fun basketball pics his Aunt Debbie captured. Here is calling out his man. 

Waiting for a rebound 

And I think he just passed the ball in this pic. Side note : Number 0 in the red was one of his preschool classmates and he was glad to see him there :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Week in Review (Jan 26-Feb 1)

A Week in Review (Jan 26-Feb 1)

Watched: Jack have a great time at his second gymnastics lesson. We signed him up for his birthday so that he could more likely achieve his New Years goal of being able to back flip off a wall.  He has went to open gyms at the same place too. Such a great way to burn energy and get moving during the winter months. 

Read: I finished up The Sweet By and By. It was a good piece of women's literature. It explored the relationship of two workers who bond with the same pair of patients in a Nursing Home. You also get to hear about the lives of each character, which relates to what each person brings to the table. It was written in the style that allows one character's point of view to be highlighted each chapter.  It had a feel for me similar to that of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Next, I started The Sugar Queen. I haven't gotten far, but it appears to be a typical Sarah Addison Allen novel. :)

Listened: To Jack's excitement over Nick being a Watch Dog. It was in stark contrast to Nick's feelings at the zoo. He said if he had to chose between shoveling poop or being a 3rd grade teacher for the reset of hi life, he'd happily pick the poop shoveling.  Those kids must have been some special pieces of work.
Made: A dream menu for the Super Bowl. I guess the thought of eating a bunch of fattening dips and sweet treats is right up my alley. I think I have settled on four things, but we will see.

Felt: Slightly crazy. :) Keegan's birthday party was this Saturday and I didn't want to miss it. The forecast called for a wintery mix Friday night which was supposed to turn into snow on Saturday morning. I knew we need to leave ASAP Friday afternoon to have the best chance of making it there safely. Although it ended up taking Nick until 5:30 to get home, 
I thought once we got far enough we would be on clear roads.  Traffic and road conditions were horrible until Ottawa, but then things turned better.  Ottawa must have been the magic zone because that is where the roads began to get ice covered on the way home Saturday night. 

Planned: We got lots of details about Valerie's wedding this weekend. She is doing a great job of communicating and get everything laid out in advance. Both of my boys will get to be in tuxes, so I will have some good looking pictures again!

Loved: Celebrating my nephew's birthday with him. It's so hard to believe that the boys are 6.  He chose to have his party at Exploration Place in Wichita. You can read about it HERE. Denise and I took Jack over early so that he could play longer in the Math Alive exhibit.  It was priceless to see the excitement on his face when he saw his cousins though.  Luckily, the boys and Roy were able to come to Grandma's afterward and get in another couple of hours of playing together.  There were tears that they had to say goodbye so soon. I am so thankful for cousin love!

Here are the pics for the week:

Just love this!

Had to buy Jack new shoes this week!  Check out the awesome deal I got on one pair. Love Academy Sports!

Can't believe I failed to mention Henry Hank!  Grandma Denise and Papa Lee rescued a lab from being put down. He is one of the sweetest, most well behaved dogs that I have been around. Jack LOVES him.  He's already offered to be his babysitter!

Jack and Grandma Denise playing one of Math Alive games. This one taught you about the angles needed for proper snow boarding.  Although you can't see it, Denise is standing on a spring-loaded board whose movements correlate to the player on the screen. Jack tried plenty of times on the board and also was able to
attempt it video game style with the yellow board. 

Here is desiging a cart that was launched down a path. You had to design your cart so that it was able to be launched a break in the track and successfully land on the otherside. He had a ton of fun seeing which optioned work and which didn't. What was great was that he failed the first couple of tries, so when he actually figured it out, he was super proud of himself!