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A Week in Review (November 22-28)

A Week in Review (November 22-28)

Watched: A lot of football and basketball.  This is such a good week for games.  There always seems to be a great basketball tournament or two and tons of football spaced out so that you can see a lot of great games.  I can't imagine if we didn't watch sports together!

Read: I finished up the One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd.  This was an interesting historical fiction. I chose since November is Native American month. Leaving not far from a reservation, I have plenty of biases before picking up this novel. This did change the way I looked at things. I can't imagine what it would be like to have someone constantly infringing upon my way of life after promising that they were done doing it. My heart broke for May and her fellow brides. I would recommend this to all historical fiction fans.  Now I will turn my attention to finishing up After You.

Listened: To Jack have a grand time "hosting" a huge game of Neighbor.  We had Jess's parents and brother out, along with my mom's best friend and her husband.  Everyone was willing to play a game of neighbor with Jack.  He had a such a good time, but he still hasn't won a game since we moved the Springs.  He is really looking forward to changing that over Christmas vacation.

Made: My elf of the shelf plan.  I am excited for a lot of the fun ideas that I have done.  I don't have all the things prepped like I did last year, but at least I have the list so that I can work on it while Jack is at school.  I was able to run in before we left for our Thanksgiving trip and put him out with our basket of books.

Felt: A stitch in my side from laughing so hard.  Kyle told us this really unfunny story about how the accidentally bumped into a girl while he was driving in Ireland.   Where it got weird was when he said that she was complaining of pain her back, upper hip area.  Obviously this didn't make a lot of sense and so we giving him grief about the detail and her being a giant.  Just a little later, a Tamiflu commercial came on with this large person walking right by a review mirror.  Nick was joking on how she was still limping all these months later.  Oh we laughed and laughed.  Poor kid!

Planned: A delicious Thanksgiving Dinner with my mom.  We made a great prime rib and smoked turkey.  There were deviled eggs, rolls, cilantro parm corn, baked beans, a homemade cranberry sauce, and so much more.  We had way too much food, but the leftovers were quite yummy.  My mom made some killer French Dips before we went home.

Loved: That Nick was able to take off the  entire week and be with Jack and I. We kept it a surprise for Jack and he was blown away when we arrived at the North Pole with Nick in tow. He wasn't paying a lot of attention to the ride and we had told him we were taking Nick to work.  It was a pretty decent day for late November with the highs in the upper 40s.  Plenty of pictures below.

Here are the pics for the week:

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