Friday, 6 June 2008


It has been a while since I have been on here to update. Jack is doing well.

We were able to spend Mother's Day in Wichita. It was good to see everyone. Jack and Keegan aren't quite into each other yet. But it seems that they will get there. It is amazing how different they are, even though they are the same age.

The following weekend, we were in Nebraska to celebrate Kyle's graduation. Kyle and Jack hit it off. As many of you know, I was a little worried. They just seemed to gel. There are darling pictures of them over on the Flickr website. While Nick drove back, we stayed another week and enjoyed the time with Gram. We even got Jack his own deck of cards, so he can quickly learn all the games that we like to play. Right now, he just likes to chew on them.

Ahh... chewing. He has found toys and loves to stick them in his mouth. They say that this is his way that he explores his world. It is nice to be able to have him entertain himself for a few minutes while I do something things around the house.

He had his 4 month check-up/shots. He is 26" tall, which is the 90th percentile. He is 13lbs 14oz, which is in the 35th percentile. His head also is the 90th percentile. Has got to have somewhere to store all that brain! While he was there, I asked him if he was teething, he assured me that he wasn't. I chalked up his crankiness to being off of routine.

Then on Tuesday, the 3rd, his first tooth cracked through. Thursday the 2nd one came up beside it. He was a little crankier yesterday, but seems much better today.

He is spending the majority of the night in his crib. It took a few nights with some tears, but he is much more in his routine now. I also removed the bumper so that he could see out when he wakes up. He seems to take a lot of comfort in the routine. He is also napping in his crib. The other day, I laid him down in there when he was sleepy (which by all the sleeping books I have browsed is the golden rule). About 10 minutes later, I still heard him babbling and decided he wasn't going to put himself down. I go up there, and he is up to his bum againist the rail with his legs swimming in the air. It was so funny, I had to run down and get my camera. Hopefully you had a chance to view them on Flickr.

But it sound as if his nap is over. Hope you all enjoying the summer!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

The craziness begins

At least for me. Jack and Nick are still doing well. I just have a few million things to do, but I know that it will work out in the in.

Jack is rolling over like crazy now. You almost never find him on his back anymore. He loves to flip over to his stomach and look around.

He loves going garage saling, as long as he isnt in the car seat. He enjoys interacting with all the people and seeing the different sights. I love looking for "new" clothes for him. I have put myself on a 50 cent budget because I have so many clothes for him.

The next time I write, my brother will have graduated high school. I am really looking forward to my week in Nebraska. I know that Gram is loving the idea of it too. Hopefully, we all have a great time.

I will let you know more about it when I return.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Very Busy Week..or Two

Sorry I didn't blog sooner. The weeks just got away from me.

On the 7th, the Jayhawks pulled out an awesome victory over Memphis. We got together with Denise, Lee, Valerie, Roy, and Quentin. It was a lot of fun to be together. Jack even managed to fall asleep, but I woke him up when I slammed a chair on the floor (not even sure how I ended up with the chair in my hand). I am sure that we will be telling him stories for years to come.

On the 10th, we had our "last" lunch date with Andrea. We miss her, but hope that she enjoys Austin. We are sure that her house will provide a great place for summer trips.

My 29th birthday came and went. We tried a new Mexican resteraunt that had delicious tortillas. My students in my Tuesday/Thursday class and my aide went together to give me a great frame and a gift certificate to get our family picture taken. We went on Sunday and had a blast. Your pictures should be arriving shortly.

We put him in his Jumparoo for the first time last week. He loves it! It is one of his favotite activities. He is also loving the fact that it has warmed up enough to have all the fans on. He loves to just lays there and smiles at the lights as the fan swirls above him.

We also went out the lake on Sunday. It was very peaceful. We aren't exactly sure that we were on our property, as things aren't really marked well. However, we enjoyed our picnic and got some great outdoor shots of Jack. It is really the first time that he was able to spend a good chunk of time outside since he has been born.

Yesterday, he had his first observed roll over yesterday. He went from his tummy to his back. He is close to going from back to belly, but he gets stuck on his side and he's content there.

I will try to be better about blogging. This next month will be a bit busy :D

Friday, 4 April 2008

Jack's a Joker

As most of you know, Nick loves April Fool's Day. He was so busy with work this year that he did not manage to pull one over on me. However, Jack, being the good son that he is, let one go. He hadn't pooped in a couple days and somehow managed to let it all go while sitting on my lap. I didn't realize how many crevices his little body had until I was trying to clean the poo out of them. Not a pleasant surprise before cooking dinner.

Jack is getting closer to rolling over. He has managed to do with some small assistance from the couch. Luckily, it was just rolling closer to the back, but I know it is coming soon.

We just finished watching KU give it to UNC. Jack kept wanting to fall asleep the first half, but Nick and I couldn't be quiet enough for him to get all the way asleep. During a rough part of the game, we were sullen enough that he was able to nurse himself to sleep. He was wearing his Jersey that Grandma Denise got him for Easter, so we will make sure that he will be re-wearing it for the Monday championship game.

I have posted some new pics that I just love of him over on Flickr. I have been wanting to capture his bag fat lip for sometime but never seem to have the camera handy when he is at it. We were trying to take some pictures of him in his jersey and Barley kept getting in the way. When I disciplined Barley, he leapt over (and kinda on) Jack. It scared him and so Nick was able to get the picture. I think it's just so darn cute! I know that's horrible of me, but there's just something about it.

Rock Chalk!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

11 Weeks Old

Things are rolling smoothly here. Jack is growing and changing each day. He is becoming more aware of his hands and is batting at his toys. It is so exciting for him when he actually makes contact. He loves the bottom of his wiggle caterpillar because it is spotted, black and white.

When we had lunch with Andrea today, he actually lifted his head from the laying down position. It wasn't very far or for very long, but it was a skill I had never seen him do. It is amazing the little things that they learn.

I have started reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Jack is starting to have more trouble falling asleep on his own without nursing first. I really want him to develop healthy sleep patterns, but I can't do the "cry it out" theory. I heard that the methods require a lot of patience, but since he is an only child, it might be doable. I will keep you posted on our successes.

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Bring on Spring!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Into the Swing of Things?

It is so hard for me to believe that Jack is almost 11 weeks old. I feel like I am getting into the swing of things enough to attempt to write a small blurbs about our life. I am hoping to publish posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and one day a weekend.

We love our "new" life with Jack. He's quite the character already. He got mostly Dad's looks and Mom's personality. We think he might have suffered a bit of colic as nighttime was rough for him. Thank goodness that seems to be wearing off. It is nice that Nick is able to enjoy him, rather than trying to soothe him, after coming home from a long day at work.

Jack has several favorite activities. He is amazed while looking at his infant stimulation cards. He likes it when Nick swings them. He also loves to watch the fan blades spin. He loves bright lights. His favorite toys are bird and dog by Baby Einstein. Not only do they have black and white stomachs, but they also make noise when you squeeze them. He enjoys being read to or having Dad pull him around by his legs on the bed (usually waiting for me to finish up my nighttime "chores"). He likes his swing and his Bobblin Band bouncer. He loves being sung to and having his butt patted. It's a bit hard to accomplish than back patting.

We are getting better at anticipating his needs and wants. But man, does he have a set of lungs on him when he's mad. Things that currently get his goat are car rides and waiting for bottles to warm up.

I've hope you've enjoyed the glimpse into our lives. Look back on Tuesday for more. Until then, Go Hawks!