Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Week in Review (July 3-9)

A Week in Review (July 3-9)

Watched: Mile after mile of flat plains go by. We spent a lot of time in the car this week, driving home from my mom's and then driving to Wichita on Saturday.  I am always grateful that Jack is a good traveler and can make a 500 mile journey with only one stop. 

Read:  I finished up Opposite of Everyone. This isn't my favorite Joshilyn Jackson novel. It's probably not even in the top three. It was lacking climax. However, I did still enjoy the story.  She does a good job weaving in different time and places to give you a good sense of the character. If you are looking for a beach read that leaves you wondering about the people who aren't lucky enough to get "beach reads", pick this one up.  Next, I began Cleopatra's Daughter. I was able to find the audiobook from my library so I made it much further than I would have normally.  I will definitely finish it up this next week, even with our travels.

Listened: To Kyle, Jack, and Anthony say Harry Potter curses while having a Roman candle fight.  When we recapping his favorite thing about the 4th, that's what he picked.  While it's not the most excellent video, you get a good idea of how the battles went down by watching one round HERE,  
https://youtu.be/1JWM2v005GM.  We had plenty of other fireworks too. My eyes are always much bigger than my time frame when it comes to buying fireworks and so we have several saved. My mom suggested lighting them off at Christmas. I hope the weather cooperates because I think could be a lot of fun. 

Made: Vegan corn chowder for Nick. He came down with some sort of bug that gave him a fever and some serious body aches. He sat on our couch in flannel pants and a blanket when the inside of our house was 84 degrees.  When he doesn't feel well, soup is his go-to food. We brought him some hot and sour soup from HuHot thinking it would be short lived. When it was apparent that was a bit stronger than we'd guessed, he requested corn chowder. Because he is still watching his saturated fat, we used the vegan recipe that we found. It worked pretty well using potatoes and raw cashews for the milk base. There are some things I'll tweak next time, but we definitely make it again. 

Felt: Amused by Jack when we stepped out of the car for the first time in Wichita. He hasn't been anywhere with humidity in the summer for a couple of years. Both of us kind of forgot how oppressive that feeling is to just have the air hang on you. He seems to be adjusting pretty quick, but his face on our walk up the stairs to our motel room was quite funny. 

Planned: On making a run to the liquor store for just some beer for the 4th, but when I was there, I stumbled upon Shamrock Shake Tippy Cow. I have been looking for something like this for years since they discontinued the Grasshopper drink from TGIFriday's.  It is really quite yummy. It didn't take much of it to make me quite ready for bed, quite quickly though.  I am hoping I can find some in Colorado. 

Loved: How quickly the cousins all fell into step with each other. It's been since Christmas that we saw Macie and since March when saw the rest of the cousins. Watching them play with each other is one of the biggest things I miss about being in Kansas. They all have such an easy going way with each other.  We crammed a lot into the first couple hours we were in town with a water balloon fight, dinner at Braum's, and watching Finding Dory.  Unfortunately Macie had to go back to her mom's and missed everything but the water balloon fight. I am glad we got to see her for a bit!

Here are the pics for the week:

Poor Roscoe and Harry didn't like the fireworks. Both of them picked a parent to snuggle with. 

Clearly a posed group photo just isn't going to happen with these yahoos. 

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