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A Week in Review (June 26-July 2)

A Week in Review (June 26-July 2)

Watched: Jack be utterly distraught when faced with Nora's true dog nature. She found a baby rabbit somewhere on my mom's property and thought it was the best stuffed toy ever. Jack couldn't believe that his sweet Nora would do such a thing to such a cute baby bunny. Mom and Blas, on the other hand, thanked her for her hard work. She also chased some chickens off their property too.  She managed to shrink their rabbit population by a few by the end of the week. 

Read:  A good chunk of The Opposite of Everyone. It's very from a Chick Lit novel about a girl with a free spirited mother. We hear the majority of the tale from girl's adult perspective. 

Listened: Audiobook for Between Shades of Gray. For a little bit on the way to my mom's, Jack had his headphones on so I listened to the first few hours. I got a bit further when I drove back to Laramie to pick Nick up from his conference.  I didn't realize that it was a YA book when I put it on my hold list. Also, I didn't know what it was about because I just placed it there based on a recommendations from other readers.  I was surprised to see it was a World War II novel. My sister in law was nice enough to check out a paper copy from their library. It was a very simple historical fiction novel and would make a good shared read with an older child.  

Made: Plans to spend a few hours with one of my high school friends and her family.  We met at the park, went into the local town museum, and then walked over and enjoyed the town fountain.  When we were done I took Jack on a short tour of all my old stomping grounds, including a stop at Zesto's for a kiss-a-float. He loves them as much as I do.  But I am not sure who couldn't love them as they are delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream and cherry slushie in the same cup.

Felt: Amused at Jack.  On Tuesday, a quick moving storm rolled into town. It brought with it, some pretty good wind and rain. Mom, Blas, and Kyle all went out and worked in it to save a piece of the green house that needed secured. Jack wasn't a fan and he asked me if the greenhouse was worth their lives.  It was heavy, but nowhere near life threatening. It cracked me up how dramatic he was. Then the power went out and we were without electricity for few hours and Jack acted like the world might end soon. Thank goodness for him mom has a gas stove because he was just dying to eat and Grandma was still able to cook for him. 


Planned: On just driving to Laramie to pick Nick up from his conference and drive straight back, but he invited me out for dinner and I just couldn't resist. We went to a fun place that really prides themselves on serving local foods when available. It was pretty yummy. I am very thankful that my family helped with Jack so that he didn't have to make the 6.5 hrs of driving and I got to eat a nice meal with my hubby.

Loved: Spending the whole week at my mom's.  We all enjoy just being together. We play so many games that we are never bored.  They also have a big above ground pool that provides plenty of entertainment as long as the weather holds out.  We never really have plans, but we always just enjoy being together. Friday night brought an impromptu birthday gathering for one of my friends. We had a lot of fun messing around in the basement that has an arcade style hoop, pool table, air hockey, and foosball table.  Jack even challenged the boys to a planking competition. Jack and Kyle were the last two with Jack losing at around 4 minutes 26 seconds.  Kyle didn't make it much longer.  It was a pretty hilarious night. The picture of Kyle below sums it up pretty well. 

Here are the pics for the week:
 We all played plenty of games of Poison and Knockout

Jack at the town fountain 

The drowned rats after successfully saving the greenhouse

Party pics 

I think my dog nephews are seriously some of the cutest canines out there. Harry, the corgi, is always smiling. They were all waiting for a treat and I couldn't help but take their picture. 

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