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A Week in Review (July 10-16)

A Week in Review (July 10-16)

Watched: The cousins have a blast together on Sunday.  We packed a lot of fun into one day.  First thing, we went and spent an hour at Dart Warz.  Declan was excited because he won a pair of socks in their special Sunday drawings that they have.  After lunch, we went to the Exploration Place.  We stayed there for a couple of hours before going to an area pool.  The cousins had a great time going off the diving boards and having jump competitions.  Aunt Valerie and Uncle Chewy hosted the five us for dinner.  Then we went to Braum's before heading to the lighting of the Keeper of the Plains.  When we were there, they even showed us the troll that lives under the bridge.  We finished the night by visiting Uncle Roy so that the boys could play in the basement there.  It was a good time.  

Read: Even though we were travelling, I was able to finish up Cleopatra's Daughter.  I enjoyed this story of Cleopatra's daughter. I thought the author did an excellent job pleasing action, romance, and intrigue. I am glad that the mystery of the Red Eagle was revealed. I also thought it the afterward was a nice conclusion to the story. Overall, a book I would recommend for historical fiction fan wanting to know more about rule of Augustus.  Next, I started Britt-Marie Was Here.  It follows one of the minor characters from the novel My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry.  I enjoy Fredrik Backman's stories and this one looks like it is shaping up to be another winner.

Listened: To the sounds of constant laughter as we rode through the fountain on paddle boats at Watson Lake.  On Sunday night, we made plans for how we were going to spend our final half day together.  We decided that we would visit Sedgwick County Park, eat Chick-fil-a, and then have Braum's one more time.  As we were pulling into the park Quentin mentioned that he thought they had paddle boats there.  Sadly, they did not, but the mention of it got their hearts set on it.  After a bit of research we decided to have the crazy adventure one more time.  We hopped in the car, drove over and ate a Chick-fil-a (even thought it was barely after 11am), on our way to Watson park, we stopped and got ice cream at Braum's to eat in the car.  We made it Watson park just in time to make it on the boats.  Because not all five us could fit in one boat, Keegan and I took one car and the rest of them went in the other.  It was all fine until they decided we should head the fountain that was spraying everywhere.  We all became drenched!  I mean soaked.  My shorts didnt hang dry out for 3 days!  We returned the dripping wet cousins just in time for Quentin to head off to an appointment.  We stopped by to say goodbye to Aunt Valerie and change into some dry clothes.  Then it was off to KC.  We were lucky that it worked out and we able to have dinner with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kevin that evening too!

Made: Plans with Kate to spend the day around Crown Center.  As always, I loved watching the two of them get together.  They really are true friends.  When they see each other, its like no time has passed at all.  We did all the usual Legoland things and they even had a new Ninjago training center that was a lot of fun.  It had a laser maze you could try.  Jack whooped me at it.  Really, not a lot of surprise there.  We ate our lunch over at Crayola Cafe and it was surprisingly yummy!  We visited the free exhibit in the basement.  It claimed to be Mr PotatoHead, but had more of a safari feel to it.  We ended our day with Kate by getting ice cream at Syla and Maddy's.  After dropping Kate off, we went over to our friend's the Beane's.  I had gotten a horrible headache and had such gracious hosts in both Laurie and Callum.  I'll blame the headache for not getting a picture with them.  We  just ordered pizza in and chatted while the boys played.  It was a great end to a wonderful day.

Felt: Ready for a lazy day on Wednesday.  As you can tell, we were really go go until then.  We slept in and then Jack requested Syla and Maddy's for breakfast.  We took a picture to send to our friend Jonathan who has expressed a love of the place.  After that we went to the Secret Life of Pets.  It was a pretty cute movie, but I don't think Jack loved it quite as much as he thought he would.  After that, we went to play mini golf.  It was one of the hardest courses we played and it had plenty of water on it because it had poured rain that morning.  It even made a neat trick when the cup was so full of water that one of our balls sank and the other floated.  After mini golf, we headed back for swimming at the pool.  After our showers, we headed in a spent a couple hours chatting with my friend Sarah.  We even got to see her triplets for a bit before they had to go bed.  They are all getting so big and so sweet.

Planned: To go hog wild making memories for Jack on Thursday.  He was always sad that we moved from Worlds of Fun, just as he finally got tall enough to ride the majority of the coasters.  We asked our friend Joe to go with us this visit.  We all had so much fun!  There was very little wait time, so we got to do a ton of rides.  Jack even waited twice for rides he wasn't tall enough for so that Joe and I could ride them.  Jack's favorite ride was the Mamba.  He sat in the back on his first ride.  I sat right in front of him, so I got to hear the thrill in his voice.  He played three of the games, and won something at all three.  Joe spent his money taking a ride on the Rip Cord and I sent Jack with him.  You can see a short video of their ride, HERE.  We all got large dippin dots and candy in the park.  We spent a couple hours in Oceans of Fun and then went back to Worlds of Fun until they kicked us out.  We decided that Quik Trip would be a great place to get pizza for Jack, but they didn't have any.  The boys were still thrilled because I let them get whatever they wanted.  Lord knows, it was cheaper than feeding them in the park.  It was an amazingly fun day that Jack thinks we should do at least once a year!

Loved: Sleeping in my own bed again.  We made the long trek home on Friday.  When we got home, we had lots of things to do so that we could get ready for trip to Vegas next week.  We fixed the window switch in my car and changed the oils in both cars.  Jack was a big help to Nick and I think Nick really enjoyed having him out there.  I hope Jack learned the lesson that it is so much cheaper to fix your car than to pay someone to do it for you!

Here are the pics for the week:

Look at the amazing difference two years makes on kiddos!  I couldn't believe the difference when the photo memory popped up in my feed. Wowzers!

Dart Warz

Exploration Place

Keeper of the Plains

Paddle Boats


Lazy Day Wednesday 

Worlds of Fun

Jack and his Minion Popsicle

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