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A Week in Review (July 17-23)

A Week in Review (July 17-23)

Watched: The Mike Hammer Show. It had great reviews on google and TripAdvisor. It was good. It was more comedy than magic, but we all laughed. Apparently it was supposed to be a 13+ audience and some of the comments were racier than what Jack normally hears, but I don't think he got those.  It was exciting because Nick got taken to the stage for a trick and then Jack got picked to help distribute some newspaper for a mind reading trick.  If you are looking for an inexpensive Vegas show, I'd recommend taking in Mike at the Four Queens. 

Read:  I finished up Britt-Marie Was Here before I left for Vegas.  It was another winner by Fredrik Backman. I really think you should read My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry before this book so that you can better understand Britt-Marie and Kent. I shed a tear or two at the end. I'd love to see him continue on with this series of people and maybe we could hear more from Vega.  During the plane flight I was able to get a good chunk of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock read.  I was also able to finish it while we were in Vegas.  Obviously, a very fast read that deals with some intense topics. Your heart aches so much for Leonard. Are there really mothers like Linda out there? I sure hope there are teachers like Silverman out there because the world needs more of them. A great book for anyone struggling with being different or facing challenging times in their life.  Next, I started on The Children.  It's a different, but I am interested to see where it takes me.

Listened: To Jack kind of freak out when he got near the top of the High Roller ride. He was so excited to go up and see all the lights. But as it climbed, he just wasn't so sure. He knew how big the buildings looked from the ground and could see how small they were looking now. We could even see the casino we had visited earlier in the night, which was about a 20 minute drive away. It didn't take too long before he had gotten used to it and was enjoying himself. I made a collage below.  Earlier in the night, we had visited Sam's town. He was playing Deal or No Deal. It came down to the final two where there was one case that had 1 ticket and another case that had 200 tickets.  The bank offered him 100 tickets. I tried to convince him to take them and run. He ignored by advice and got 200 tickets instead. He was a pretty happy camper then too!

Made: Jack's first flight in 4 years. I think he had forgotten all about what it was like to take off and land. He wasn't a huge fan of the trip, but he did like the fact that we made it Las Vegas in such a short amount of time.

Felt: Sad.  We got some devastating news on Saturday about a very dear friend of ours.  I don't want to share too much of the story, as it really isn't mine to tell.  I am just hoping that things are able to work out for the best.

Planned: On having a fancier date for our 15th anniversary, but that's just not who we are, so that's really not how the day played out.  After doing an early check-in a hotel, we went to get Nick's haircut. While there, I saw that lunch Nick wanted from Fogo de Chao was about to time out, so we went over there. From there we went down to the Golden Nugget to play some poker. I got out pretty quickly, which was a bummer, but Nick made it to the final 5. After that we headed back to our favorite place to gamble, El Cortez, and played some roulette. We never got lucky and hit it big. We went back to our hotel and played craps and ate dinner. By then it was after midnight!  We exchanged our presents. He gave me a crystal heart which is engraved with our names.  I am so lucky to have chosen such a wonderful partner to spend my years with!

Loved: Having so much together time with Nick and Jack.  Nick has been able to really step away from work and just enjoy the moments together.  He even attempted getting into the water once, but swimming just isn't for him.  I have no idea how he can set poolside in the triple digit weather Las Vegas has, but he does and doesn't seem to mind.  We have a good time playing Keno, swimming in the pool, and just loving being together.  As the crystal heart that he gave me for our anniversary says "Together is our favorite place to be."

Here are the pics for the week:

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