Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Week in Review (June 12-18)

A Week in Review (June 12-18)

Watched: Jack's summer haircut dreams come true. I like his hair. I like the way the sun highlights it naturally and he looks like my little surfer dude as he gets so tan. But, he wanted a buzzed head. So after camp on Friday, we went and got the cut. There was so much hair on the floor that even the other kids in salon commented on how much had came off. He loves it though. I'm sure I will get used to it.

Read:  I finished up Glory over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House. This is an excellent follow up to The Kitchen House.  I love how it told a whole new story while just using The Kitchen House plot for deeper understanding.  I really felt that the end of the novel left room for another book. I'd definitely like a story that tells about Pan, Belle, and Kitty growing up.  Next I started, The Girl with all the Gifts. I figure this will be good because I have it on audiobook as well and I know I will get plenty of car time in next week as I take the boys to and from basketball camp in downtown Colorado Springs.  So far it's nothing like I expected by the title.

Listened:  To Nick give Jack instructions on how to shoot the new bow and arrow we picked out for the camping trip. Jack had a great time shooting it. All of us enjoyed it, but Jack was the one that was always going to over to randomly pick it up and work on his shot.  We only lost one arrow. We all swear it must have just disintegrated upon impact because none of us could find it and we looked pretty well. 

Made: A lot of purchases on Amazon, at Walmart, and from a neighbor so we could go "off the grid" camping. It's really amazing the stuff you need when there are no camp toilets, water, trash cans, etc.  We even had to buy a hitch hauler because we had too much stuff to fit Nora and Jack in the Pathfinder too.  Luckily our neighbor had one he didn't use and sold it to us at a great price.  We had a good time. Nora really enjoyed not having to be on a leash. She just went where she wanted. She stays pretty close and listens well, so that makes it easier. 

Felt: Sad for Jack. He was so sure the Warriors were going to clinch the title on Tuesday for the Championship.  We even got a cake iced to say GW Warriors on it. Not only did they lose that game, they also lost game 5. Now we have to wait for Father's Day for the final game to be played out.

Planned: On Jack being exhausted after our day at Elitch's. We got some "fast passes" do to one overzealous ride operator saying Jack couldn't ride a ride, which he had ridden other times at the park. Luckily his manager was close by, addressed the situation and made it right. We had a good time using them and the two other kiddos that we went with hit the sack and were asleep almost immediately. Jack went out and shot hoops for another hour!  He's my little energizer bunny.

Loved: Watching Jack compete at his track camp Track Meet. He was one of only three kids who chose to participate in every event offered.  By the end of the running events he was kind of pooped. He did the 800, 400, 200, 100, & 50m dash. He also did the long jump, shot put, and javelin. He got first in the 200 for his grade. He also was second among all kids who did the shot put. He had a good time at the camp.

Here are the pics for the week:

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