Thursday, 26 February 2009


Isn't it amazing how content little ones are with the smallest things? You can spend all the time and money pick out the greatest books and toys and yet they like to play with the leaf the dog brought in on his paw!

Jack is so much more content now that his father is home. They don't have to be doing anything together. He just seems that he is more at peace when he knows that his Dad is around.

We have a crazy week next week. It is National Lutheran Schools Week, so I need to bake a bunch of goodies for the bake sale. I have to get ready for the kiddos to sign at church. Then we've got a family game night on the 5th.

The most exciting thing for next week is on Sunday. Don't forget to see the Jayhawks battle (hopefully, whoop) the Tigers. If they can come back from 12 down to the number 3 team in the nation at their house, than all things are possible.

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