Monday, 23 February 2009

Nick's out of town...again

Not much of note today. We had an excellent weekend. Nick took all of Saturday off again. We went to a playgroup in the morning. There were so many kids there that it was a bit overwhelming for all of us. It is funny to see Jack interact with other children his age. He definately has no idea about waiting for toys or turns or much of anything.

Speaking of not waiting, this is leading to some horrible tantrums at home. He can scream bloody murder when he is angry. I took a Baby Sign class tonight so I am hoping that giving him a way to express his emotions may help those. I think that he just has a strong personality, which is good that we are working on learning those things now.

I am hoping that tomorrow that weather is as nice as predicted because we will spend most of our day outside. He loves to go for wagon rides, especially if there is a park stop involved. He is getting good at climbing his little tikes slide, but he still needs some help figuring out what do when he gets to the top.

As I close this message, the Jayhawks are down by 12. I sure hope things turn around. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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