Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Third Time's A Charm?

So I am not sure if anyone is reading this, but I thought I would try again. The blogs won't be long or detailed, but may give you a brief snippet into our days. I thought they would be a bit like my constant status updates on facebook.

Today, I got my conferences done. They went smoothly. There wasn't much I had to say that the parents hadn't already heard. I think it helps the parents feel a lot more connected with me and the school.

Jack doesn't seem any closer to walking. He is doing a lot of standing on his own in random places, but he just feels more secure with a hand on something. He has taken a few single steps, but nothing with consistency. He had his Valentine's party at his daycare today. I ended up being the only parent to make valentine's, but the kiddos appreciated them. I also gave them to his friends outside of daycare.

Nick is working like crazy. In fact, he is still on the phone as we speak. He is looking forward to June to the end of this project. I think that they are going to try and give more like this. I am not sure how much of it we can all take. At least they have given him a laptop so that he has able to spend sometime with Jack the majority of evenings.

Hopefully, I will write more tomorrow. Don't hold your breath waiting though!

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Andrea said...

Hey! It's awesome to see a blog update. Hang in there with the Nick working, but at least he has a job! :-)

I'm sure Jack will walk soon. He'll just start letting go of things one day without realizing it, and never look back.

I know February has been rough, but at least it's not officially half way over! Maybe the rest of the month won't be so bad.

Love Ya!