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A Week in Review (September 17-23)

A Week in Review (September 17-23)

Watched:  Have some great practices this week.  I am glad that my schedule allows me to sit out and chat with my friends most days while Jack practices and grows at a sport he enjoys so much.  He is really doing a better job of going for the hips and dropping his body weight.  It will be so interesting to see what part he plays for teams in the future.

Read:  The Saboteur was due back at the library on Thursday and so I really had to commit myself to reading it so that I didn't incur a library fine.  This book took me a lot longer to get into than the previous book I had read by this author. This WWII continues to illustrate the atrocities of war while highlighting the courageous acts of ordinary people to make a difference. Even when they know that they were risking the lives of themselves and their loved ones. Good book for historical fiction fans. I'd probably recommend that fans that struggle with this genre pass on it.  Next, I started The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  This is the book that was chosen for next book club.  I am really enjoying although there isn't a lot of excitement, it has still drawn me in. 

Listened: To a bunch of customer service representatives on Thursday as when we got home to watch the Thursday night game and it was all pixelated.  I spent over an hour on the phone with them and it looked like we had finally made progress. However, 5 minutes after I hung up, the problem was back.  We didn't really watch much TV on Friday and so I didn't think about it.  Sadly, Nick's game was pixelated and the cable was dropping and he was one unhappy customer that we spend so much for service and it didn't work remotely like it should.  I will be calling tomorrow to see what's up with it.

Made: The house ready for showing to prospective renters.  I wanted it to look it's best so that when people step in they can envision themselves enjoying themselves here as we have.  We have 8 showings and it looks like three of those people will be applying to rent it.  I am crossing my fingers that it works out so that we can get out from underneath the lease and I can stop fretting over the house looking just show.

Felt: Glad that the yearbook cover has been chosen.  On Monday, after students took their Fall pictures, they got to go up and vote for their favorite yearbook cover.  There was a really clear winner.  When I was talking with one of the teachers,  she thought it was because it had the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books with the doodles.  It should be fun to put together.

Planned: Menu for Mom’s visit.  With Nick's new keto diet, it's a bit harder to come up with family friendly meals.  I am slowly learning.  We enjoyed grilled hamburgers with salad, cheese and spinach stuffed fish with Brussel sprouts, and even though she didn't get to eat because she left for home, we enjoyed pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli, and cheese rice.  It was rare that we actually ate everything I planned.

Loved: Cheering on my boy with my mom and Nick.  It was a cold morning for a rematch against Coach Chris and some of the Cougars.  The Cougars ended up being victorious by a score of 13-6.  Jack played pretty well.  He almost intercepted a pass and did recover a fumble.  The one thing we have to work on his making sure that he continues to hit even though it looks like his teammate has gotten the job done.

Here are the pics for the week:

I participated in the #hideabook day that Goodreads was doing to celebrate their anniversary.  Hopefully someone saw it and it made their trip to grocery store a little bit brighter.

The cover that selected

My friend Gretchen caught this great photo.  I'm always telling Jack to make sure that the other team knows he's on the field.  I guess since they put three (and maybe four) guys on him, I think he must have been driving that point home.  He is the kid right under the caption.  

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