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A Week in Review (December 25-31)

A Week in Review (December 25-31)

Watched: The fireworks from my bedroom window to kick off the New Year.  It is awesome that we get a decent view of the fireworks from our window.  We had the Petersen's over again for another fun evening full of food and games. Nick and Ryan started to wrestle around at the end of the evening and I caught a hilarious picture of what looks like them hugging.  Bro-mance at it's best!  

Read:  I finished up my final Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Ever After. Not my favorite Sookie book of all time and not the conclusion I was hoping for in the last novel of the series. Just felt very open ended for a book you thought would wrap things up better. Maybe now I'll watch True Blood and see how that all goes down.  I had to spend a good chunk of my Saturday reading it so that I could achieve my Goodreads goal that I sat for myself of 50 books!  I am going to read Snow Child next.

Listened: To my boy tell me about all the fun things he got to do over at his friend's house.  He and Nick went over to a fellow wrestling coach's house for a bit of winter break practice.  The coaches were supposed to go out for the night so I assumed Jack would be coming back home while they went out.  Instead, he was invited to stay and play.  He had a great time and I was able to work on something things around the house that needed dealt with after our trip.
Made: Good progress in getting the stuff from our trip and Christmas decorations taken down.  Friday was beautiful weather, so we made sure to get all the outdoor stuff down.  The house always feels so much more plain after it all comes down.  I am sure it is a feeling of relief for Nick.  Now to see how many weeks it takes me to actually get all put away for good.

Felt:  Very excited that Santa brought us a cruise. Jack was less than thrilled that Santa decided to bring our family a puzzle.  However, when we took the time to put it together, it was an awesome message from Santa telling us that we could pick a cruise and let him know where we wanted to go!  Now we just need to decide when and where.  It's hard because we don't live near any port of call, so I want to fly and Nick wants to drive. I am sure we will come up with one soon.

Planned: On my car repair taking quite some time, but it really came together quite quickly!  I know both Jack and I were thrilled that Nick was able to repair the car.  Jack is extremely attached to the car and I just don't know what kind of car that I want and didn't want to have to make that decision yet.  It's awesome having a handy husband who can take care of things like that!

Loved: Spending the entire week with Nick.  He really was able to just take a break from work and focus on relaxing and having fun.  We didn't have a huge to-do list around the house either.  I know Jack has loved having him spend so many days in a row with us.  I am not looking forward to the return of the school week yet.  I could handle another week to continue to mildew, but it won't happen so I guess I need to start preparing for it!

Here are the pics for the week:

Christmas Day

Tio taking him out in the snow

I did it!

New Year's Eve Night

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