Monday, 23 January 2017

A Week in Review (January 8-14)

A Week in Review (January 8-14)

Watched: I finally decided to watch This Is Us. So many people rave about it that I decided that I should watch a few episodes to try it. It didn't take me long to get hooked. It has a Parenthood feel to it.

Read:  I didn't make great progress on either of the books that I was reading.  I really need to pick it up as I several books that will be coming off my holds list soon.  Luckily I am doing one of them as a buddy read with my friend in Kansas and so that will help keep me on pace with that book.

Listened: To wind blow non-stop and ferociously for two whole days.  On Monday, it was the worst. The fences that we share with both neighbors broke.  I am glad Nora didn't get out since she had a wide open area to do it.  In the top picture below you will see a gigantic tree that was uprooted in our local neighborhood park.  I saw that the highest gust recorded was 101mph. Crazy, right?  Everywhere is sold out of wood so getting the fence fixed will be a real pain in the arse.  This is one of those times I am glad that I am not a homeowner because than I'd have to deal with fixing it, but then I wish I was the homeowner so I get fixed on my timeline instead of someone elses.

Made: A hard choice on Saturday.  Jack was getting far too aggressive and mean and I warned him that if he didn't stop it, I was going to give it to worse than he was getting.  He didn't listen and I had to show him that I meant business.  He was less than thrilled to learn that lesson and I was less than thrilled to give it.  Hopefully it's the last time that I ever have to physically show him that I say it when I mean it.

Felt: Frustrated that the tournament this weekend was so poorly ran. There were way too many wrestlers and spectators for such a small space. If you were sitting in the stands, you were totally crowded and then couldn't see any of the matches. All the matches you had to get out of the packed stands and push your way through the crowd to get to the mat. On the plus side, Jack got gold. You can see his three matches HERE, HERE, and HERE

Planned: On going to the Melting Pot on Jack's actual birthday, but because they are only open during evening hours and the Chiefs playoff game was pushed  back due to the impending ice storm Kansas City was supposed to receive, we had to go Saturday night.  It was an awesome time with my mom, Nick, and Jack. 

Loved: That we live close enough to my mom that she able to drive down and visit so much easier. She arrived Friday in time to watch Jack's first basketball practice of the season. Saturday we spent at the tournament, watching the Jayhawk game, and enjoying dinner. I love watching her be a grandma. She's so good to him and I just feel so lucky that they are blessed with a close relationship. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Nick as a Watch Dog to celebrate Jack's birthday.

Snuggle Time with Grandma

The Melting Pot.  Mmm...Yummy! 

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