Monday, 3 October 2016

A Week in Review (Sept 25-Oct 1)

A Week in Review (Sept 25-Oct 1)

Watched: The first part of CBS's documentary on JonBenet Ramsey.  Even within the first few minutes they let you know they think that her older brother did and his parents helped him cover it up.  I will be interested to see what develops in the second half.

Read: I made my goal and was able to finish up Truly Madly GuiltyThis felt all too similar to another title by this author, Big Little Lies. It was told in a way that the story drew you in and kept you guessing at where the story might headed. Once it got to the climax of the BBQ, nothing else really surprised me. I did really enjoy Harry's final chapter. It had A Man Called Ove feeling for me.  Overall, a book I would recommend to others.  Next, I started I Let You Go. Nothing about the book cover or the title prepared me for what I read in the first couple of pages. I am hoping to have this one finished up next week. 

Listened: To Nick crack a joke when we were out and about while Jack stayed over at his friend's on Saturday. We were at a natural food store that had a deli that I wanted to try. In their seating area they had a bunch of art prints in a basket and a brochure that said Therapy for... and I couldn't read what it said after that. I mentioned it to Nick and it said it must have been Therapy for "a full wallet".  We had a good time messing around playing games and mapping out what we needed to do before he left for Phoenix. 

Made: New order forms for Popcorn Friday at Jack's school. I think they seemed to work pretty well. I know there was a lot less frustration felt at the accounting methods on our end. We had a great response from the students and received way more orders than I thought we would. I felt bad leaving them to do the popping and cleaning while I went to work, but I am glad that I have an awesome group of women who can totally do the job without me!

Felt: Thankful that Valerie, Angel, Austin, and Macie were able to visit and watch Jack's early morning football game. They had gotten in at 2:00am and so being somewhere at 8:30am was a real labor of love. They took a great picture after his game that I really love.

Planned: The layout for my Halloween decor. I love getting everything out and seeing the years worth of memories.  The house always feels so special to me with the decorations out and about.  I hope the nice cool weather stays for all of October and we get to have a bit of Fall before Winter sets in. 

Loved: The 2016 Cardboard Challenge. Jack decided to make a football theme ball maze.  It was a little nerve wracking to watch him use a box cutter, but he did great. He had a good time attempting to figure out what obstacles he wanted to put in and how he could create it. He and Nick created a tunnel that ended up being two small, so he used it for an obstacle.  We spent a couple hours putting it together Monday night. On Wednesday, we decorated it with print outs from the computer and then he made a YouTube video. You can watch it HERE.  He had so much fun showing it off to his classmates and teammates. He really felt like a rock star because so many people enjoyed it. I am glad that he put the time and creative energy into it because it was a lot of fun to see him excited. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Ball Maze Pictures




My Halloween Mantle

The Ortiz's & Jack

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