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A Week in Review (October 2-8)

A Week in Review (October 2-8)

Watched: Jack be exhausted teaching my classes. I am not exactly sure what he thought I did during my time at work, but he realized it was a lot more tiring than it sounds. The kids had a good time seeing him and I enjoyed spending the day with him. He even asked me when he could go back again, so I think he had a good time. 

Read: I finished up I Let You Go. I wasn't sure I was going to like it very well since it was kind of a slow start, but it was absolutely AMAZING!  If you read it, let me know so we can talk about it. My goal is to have Child 44 finished by next week. It's quite a bit of reading to commit to but since I have had it for almost nine weeks from the library, I would really like to finish it.

Listened: To my boy snore beside me.  Since Nick was in Phoenix Monday-Thursday night, Jack got to sleep in bed with me. His allergies seem to bother him most during the morning and evening hours. I did find that putting some of Doterra's Breathe blend on a cotton ball seemed to help him. I really do miss Utah's lack of allergies for him!

Made: Jack have some crazy hair for his school spirit day. His hair is pretty short so we couldn't really spike it or anything, so we just used the hair spray paint on him. We had four cans lying around and so he decided he was going to have Jayhawks stripped hair. He absolutely hated the feeling of it in his hair so I am not sure if we will have a repeat performance or not. He did say that he thought his hair was the craziest in his class, so maybe.  He also made the front page of school's website so he was pretty excited about that. 

Felt: Overwhelmed after our PTA meeting. I realized that we have a ton of things to do and only a month to do them in. Ahh!  I have feeling you will be seeing plenty of details of what was on that list as it will take up a lot of my free time between now and then. 

Planned: My voting station for the yearbook cover. I think it turned out pretty well. Each child got a penny to vote for which cover they would like. When the day was over, I counted them up and determined the winner. The one I thought would get first ended up in last, while the one I had assumed for second was a clear winner for first. Now that we have a cover, we can work on getting the page layouts going. 

Loved: Spending time with my mom. As Jack says, time speeds up when she is here. On Thursday, she got in just enough time to play a game of Pie Face with us and the Wolf boys. Then, we went to a bitterly cold football practice. Friday, was a slow start to the day but we managed iTopIt for lunch and visiting Manitou's penny arcade before heading to another evening of chilly practice. We went to Hu Hot for dinner.  In the evening, we attempted to teach Jack some five point pitch and played some neighbor. Saturday morning started with Jack's football game.  Jack had his best game of the season with good blocking, a good run, and a strip tackle!  After Jayhawk football and a trip to Sam's, we played more games including pitch. Jack really caught on amazingly fast.  Sunday morning was too short so she could get on the road to rest up before heading to work that evening.

Here are the pics for the week:

Nora's ears were laying funny and so I just had to grab a picture of them. 

Crazy Hair Day

Pics from my mom's visit





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