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A Week in Review (October 16-22)

A Week in Review (October 16-22)

Watched: Jack compete in the Landshark's state cross country meet. It was a warm day with the high reaching into the mid 80's. He didn't earn his personal best of the season, but he shaved about four minutes off his time from the same course last season. It's different becauses it's grassy with some different type of hills than he normally sees. He got 28th out of 71 third grade boys who also qualified and participated in the run. I really think he has a lot to be proud of. He also was greeted by a special guest. His teacher came out to cheer on Jack and another one of her students that qualified. We were very excited that she could be there. 

Read:  I kept working on The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko.  I am not loving it like I thought I would, but isn't the worst book that I have read ever.  I picked up You, based on the recommendation of a friend.  It seems like it might be a good thriller for Halloween season, so I am hoping I get to it in time. 

Listened: To Jack's teacher award him for being the "Responsible" student in his class. This is the same award he was given last year, so I guess that must mean it's a pretty true character trait.  He chose to go Hu Hot on Friday night to celebrate. 

Made: Myself go jean shopping. I haven't went jean shopping, outside of a visit to a thrift store, in probably 5 years. I was tired of the way my jeans were looking and so I decided I needed to go get a couple new pair. I found one pair I liked at Target and one I liked at JC Penney.  It wasn't as awful as I imagined, but it was harder to find a pair that didn't have rhinestones on the back pockets or were skinning jeans or jeggings. thank you.  I was also surprised to see both button fly and high waist options available.  Maybe I can wait another 5 years before doing it again.  

Felt: Proud. All the teachers at Jack's school reported that he is doing good and is a good classmate.  He even got to play some knockout in the gym with the specials teachers because no one else was in visiting with them. We were both quite surprised to see that his Spanish teacher really had quite the shooting skills. 

Planned: A fun outing with the Peterson's to a local pumpkin patch. They had tetherball that the boys enjoyed playing. They both found there is a ball game that I can whoop them at. Height sure is an advantage in that game!  They also had a corn bin that both the boys loved getting buried in. They had a tennis ball sling shot that launched at the owners house.  There was a short hayride around the back of the property and, of course, a place to pick your pumpkins. Jack even got one straight from the vine. 

Loved: Being back at wrestling tournaments. It was an awkward day, but it just still felt awesome. Because Jack wrapped up his football season on Saturday with one of his best games of the season, he had to wrestle 10u. His bracket was made up of a kid he had wrestled last year and a girl we didn't know.  It's always a bummer when the bracket isn't full, but it is what it is, especially early in the season and with a low weight class for novice at the age.  In an interesting twist, the kid he had wrestled last year was double bracketed and had wrestled in the A group in the morning session. Apparently when he was wrestling, people felt he wasn't close to the weight listed. They weighed him in just before the match began and he was 7 pounds over his listed weight. It was a bit surprising for everyone as most wrestling families don't cheat. He was disqualified, which was pretty upsetting for him. This made them go a best two out of three with the girl in the bracket. They wanted him to wrestle right away, but we were super short on coaches because so many people were involved at other sporting events. I refused to have him wrestle without coach but said he could wrestle the disqualified kid in an exhibition match.  The kid through his standard move, the headlock, and those 7lbs made a big difference. Jack kept squeezing but he just couldn't escape it. He ended up losing the match 5-2, but since it didn't really count, it was like losing a match at practice. He wrestled the girl twice and beat her each time, winning the gold. She was long and strong, but luckily not good at take downs yet. Once she is, watch out world!  Jack wanted to congratulate her on hard fought matches and it turns out she may actually be coming to wrestle for his club.   We are looking forward to him wrestling the right age group next Saturday. It will be weird through because his core group of wrestling friends all aged up this year and are in 10u. I'm not sure if we will just stay and watch, if he will double bracket himself, or if we will make a new core of friends.  I'm sure it will work out. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Aren't they too cute together?

Fun at the pumpkin patch





Apparently he only has either fake smile or "mean" face. I figured this one was better for a post wrestling shot.

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