Friday, 30 September 2016

A Week in Review (September 18-24)

A Week in Review (September 18-24)

Watched: Another football game for the Cougars. The poor guys just can't seem to make practice translate out into the field. They can't seem to hold the other line long enough to be able to get off any good plays. What really cracks me up is that they will swear that they won because they stopped their two point conversions.  I guess there isn't a scoreboard, so if they think they won, maybe that's what matters. We were lucky and had Jack's baseball coach and his two boys stop by for the second half of the game. Jack had a good time playing with them after the game. 

Read: I finished up The Immortal Life of Heinretta Lacks. While this book raises many ethical questions, I felt it was a bit to repetitive.  I enjoyed the overall book, I just didn't find myself rushing to get back to the storyline because it felt rather cyclical.  Next, I started Truly Madly Guilty. I have to read 70 pages a day if I want to have it back to the library by it's due date. I am not sure if I can do it, but I am going to try!

Listened: To my students fall over with laughter as we played musical "shares". This is a twist on ordinary musical chairs. In this game, no one gets out and everyone just sits on each other's laps until they all pile into one seat and fall down laughing!

Made: It to my first District Accountability Committee (DAC) Meeting for the new school year. I kind of forget how overwhelming it all is in the fall because you have so many tasks that must be completed.  You get a lot of good information about one the district has planned and what's happening within the town that affects the school, so I enjoy it, but it's definitely one of those things you have to take a  deep breath afterwards. 

Felt: So proud of Jack. He had his first Landsharks cross country meet for the Fall series and he totally kicked but. He ran a mile and half in 12:29.6. He was totally exhausted and I think he left it all out there. He is a bit nervous about being able to beat it next week because he likes earning a day of paid vacation where mom does his chores for him. 

Planned: On going home after football practice on Friday night, but a couple of Nick's co-workers invited us over to their place for a fire pit in the backyard. They had hot dogs, chips and dip, and smores. They also had a lovely home for hosting the event.  It was fun to just sit around and chat with everyone. I thought it was funny when the two wives tried to claim they could hate Nick's Utah project more than me. Their husbands did work hard on it and did have some awful weeks. I don't think it nearly compared to the year and half we had.  I'm so thankful that project is almost entirely in the books!

Loved: Taking Jack down to the Burrowing Owl on Saturday night. We had a great time playing all the games that they offer and Nick was able to enjoy some more of their vegan food. We tried Spot It for the first time and that was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Who knows, maybe Santa will leave it in my stocking!

Here are the pics for the week:

I really don't like vacuuming the stairs and was so thrilled when he chose to do it for one of his family responsibilities.  

Look at that stride

His fall third grade photo

My Friday night lights 

Game Day!


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