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A Week in Review (August 28-Sept 3)

A Week in Review (August 28-Sept 3)

Watched: Several kiddos come in and try my short obstacle course during meet the teacher. The two years that I took really made me forget how tiny those 3s start out. I'm looking forward to getting to  know them and have some fun in PE with them. My day may be short, but I think I'll be exhausted by the end. 

Read: To be honest, I am not sure that I even cracked a book this week.  Not sure what's going on.

Listened: To Jack cry about his knee after he tripped over a chair. I really thought he was just being melodramatic. I gave him a pretty hard time and then we hopped upstairs to get ready for bed. I told him to let me look closer at it and I was quite taken aback by the huge bruise up his knee. I am not sure if he got it from the chair or if the chair just made it worse. I didn't sleep well for fear that he had really done something to it. But the next morning, he was good to go.  I felt so much relief. 

Made: The long, boring drive across I70 of Kansas. It's just so flat and empty.  I just tried to focus on all the fun activities that were waiting at our destination for us. 

Felt: At home walking through the aisles of HyVee getting all the groceries that we would need to make our tailgate awesome (and stuff that was just for fun too). I have yet to find a grocery store as awesome as HyVee in Colorado.  Jack was so excited that had a bag with Chiefs schedule on it. I think this year he will spend the majority of the season cheering for both teams. He might just try to be Switzerland in their head to head matches. 

Planned: On taking Jack and his friends out for Dart Warz because we had a coupon that was expiring. We make the drive over and find out that this was the day it doesn't open until 7pm and then only for 13+. Luckily the day was beautiful and there was a park not to far away. The boys created some sort of a game with a brick maze that was there.  Even though the day didn't go as planned, they still enjoyed being together which was half of my mission. 

Loved: Spending time back in Kansas. After our run to HyVee, we headed over to Oklahoma Joe's to pick up some bbq for Saturday's breakfast. Then it was off to get Joe. We were so glad that he could stay with us.  Then we headed back to Lawrence where we had splurged and stayed at The Oread. Jack describes it as the fanciest place he's ever stayed. It's right up there for me too.  The room was huge with high ceilings and a ceiling fan. It was big enough to hold a king size bed, a twin roll-in bed and a queen air mattress and still have room for Jack to sleep on the floor and plenty of room to walk around.  We were all excited to see each other and then Roy showed up, which added even more to the fun. We ended up staying up quite late.  Early Saturday morning, I awoke thinking Joe was having a seizure. His air mattress was at the foot of our bed and our bed was shaking back and forth. I bolted upright to check on him and that's when I noticed other things were rattling too.  We were just experiencing the tremors of an Oklahoma earthquake.  Not long after, we went and found the perfect tailgating spot under a nice shaded tree. Nick started warming up the bbq for breakfast and the boys messed around. When breakfast was finished, we headed over to Fieldhouse to try and find Nick's paver that we bought him for Father's Day.  I thought it was supposed to be close to the new building that is housing the rules of basketball, but it is right out front of the Fieldhouse near the Phog Allen statue.  We messed around at the exhibit inside the Fieldhouse.  Back at our tailgate, the boys convinced the big boys to verse them in football for a bit. Jack was so excited for the HyVee Hawk Zone. He checked on it many times before it opened. He can proudly say that he was the first kid to enter the Hawk Zone for the 2016-2017 season.  Before you could blink, it was time to head into the game.  The game was awesome. KU played phenomenally against a weak opponent and won 55-6. The students rushed the field and Jack wanted to go so bad. He convinced our usher to let him run on the field for a super quick picture. After the game, we celebrated with some Hot Box cookies. They were so yummy and fresh.  We had another late night just hanging out and feeling divine. Due to some lucky scheduling KU has a better record than OU, KSU, and MU. As the band said, it's a great day to be a Jayhawk. 

Here are the pics for the week:

The bruise up Jack's knee

Mrs. Thomas is back. Look at the fancy name tag!

A shot of the brick maze 

Joe's face as Jack attempts to tackle him cracks me up. 

     The rules of basketball bridging from the building housing them to the Fieldhouse. 

We found his paver. It's right by the shadow of Nick's head. 

Jack's wingspan 

Inside the game

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