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A Week in Review (September 4-10)

A Week in Review (September 4-10)

Watched: Jack's team get creamed again.  They had some monstrous kids on the other team. I think he was already 5 foot and 120lbs.  They did really improve over the last week. They even managed to get a touchdown this time!  It could be a long season as I am pretty sure they will go winless over this teams that have been together for more than one season.  The one exciting thing that happened was that Jack got to be a kicker. He did pretty good. They almost recovered one of them for an onside kick. 

Read: A Monster Calls. As it has been documented, my reading has been on a bit of a slump. So when I went and picked up three books that came in off my hold list, I knew I had to get myself in gear.  Although I picked it because it was the shortest, I was wrecked by the end of this book. My heart totally shattered for poor Conor. It is important that we speak our truth and understand the duality of human nature. I would highly recommend this book for teens who are dealing with the loss of a parent.  Next, I debated if I should start Truly Madly Guilty or The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I thought I had decided on Truly Madly Guilty, but when I read the snippets to Nick, I ended up picking up Henrietta Lacks instead.  I've heard lots of good things about it, so I am hoping it's also a quick read. 

Listened: To Tooty-Ta nine times as I got back into the classroom and had my first two days with students.  It was a lot of fun!  I couldn't believe how exhausted it could make me.  There were tears for the three's, but the four's were all happy to see me.  You forget how little they start the year out, and since I hadn't been with a group of kiddos that small in almost three years, it just kind of shocks me.  I am looking forward to seeing what the year brings.  I am so glad that I found this school.  I think it will be a great group of women to be a part of and I am looking forward to being back in preschool!

Made: A successful Grandparent's Breakfast event for Jack's school.  We decided to host a free muffins and coffee event.  We ended up having about 20 more people show up than had RSVP'd so we will want to keep that in our back pocket for next time.  I think that the Grandparents really enjoyed themselves.  We made the muffins a little special by crafting the most darling toothpick inserts for each of them.  Luckily, we have a very awesome crafter on the PTA who put a lot of heart and soul into getting the materials ready so that we could help her assemble them.  Even with a large group of women working on them, we still had to take them home and work on them.  I brought home thirty and finished hot gluing them.  She spent four more hours working.  We also put flowers out on the table for a bit of whimsy to the day.  They also had a backdrop for grandparents to get their picture on.  I have to laugh at this photo that we took for testing out the placement of the words.

Felt: Like this was such a long week. When I sat down to write up the blog, I couldn't believe that it has only been a week since we were in KC.  I guess a full schedule will do that to you!

Planned: On a fun date with my hubby while Jack was over at a sleepover birthday party. We went to a local bar/eatery called the Burrowing Owl. It was quite yummy and totally hipster.  If you are eating a vegan lifestyle, I would highly recommend checking this place out.  I posted quite a few pictures of their cool decor.  Needless to say my bathroom selfie couldnt be cute in a room of purple!

Loved: Spending time with the Beane family. After sleeping in on Sunday, we drove back to Olathe to drop off Joe and go spend the day with them. First up was a delicious meal cooked by Patrick. It was fajitas cooked on the grill. There was homemade guacamole and a fresh fruit salad.  He is an amazing cook.  After lunch, we walked to the park where the boys played Pokemon Go for a bit and then played on the equipment. Once they were done, it was back to the Beane's house for a bit more chatting.  While conversing, it was determined the only piece of clothing that C doesn't own something Ninja Turtle in was shorts. So of course, I hopped on the Internet to see what I could find. JC Penney's had a pair of PJ shorts, so we got him those. While we were on there, he saw a Secret Life of Pets shirt, so we got him that too. We tossed a Minecraft for J in there too.Then we headed over to our hotel in Olathe to swim. It was a good idea, but the pool must have recently been filled with ice cubes so it wasn't the longest lasting. We went back to the room after a while for more chatting and for C to give me a lesson in Pokemon Go. We also spent plenty of time trying to convince Patrick to take a vacation down here so he could cook for us. Haha. We really miss being close to so many people we love. Some get working on that teleportation machine!

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack in his new outfit from Grandma and Poppa Blas brought back from Mexico

Grandparent's Breakfast

So the kid in this picture in yellow is the large third grader I was referring too.  Can you see how he totally is out of proportion to all the boys on our team?  It was so crazy!  Jack does look good getting ready to kick though.

The Burrowing Owl

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