Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Week in Review (August 7-13)

A Week in Review (August 7-13)

Watched: Jack really love football.  He is having a great time and is working hard at all the drills.  They started full pads on Friday.  I wasn't sure how he would do with getting hit, but it doesn't seem to phase him.  I can definitely tell that wrestling has improved his skills, as you can apply some of the same basic moves in football as in wrestling.  He found out that he will play cornerback when he is on defense.  He  was also told by coach that he will most likely play wide receiver and back up QB for offense.  These positions aren't quite as amazing as they sound in a league that focuses on running, but he is excited about them.  It will really help grow his blocking skills in the position.  

Read: We finished up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  It's hard to not say too much because I don't want to spoil it for others. It moved me to tears, but I was annoyed at inconsistency in some of the way things were applied differently in play. They really bothered Nick, who's a true sci-fi fan. However, all of us enjoyed it and took something different away from it.  I am still working on The Girl in the Red Coat.  It just isn't drawing me in.

Listened: To Jack scream my name.  Since he knows that screaming is only for when there is real trouble, I had to book it upstairs and see what was up.  While I was doing laundry, he was in his room watching a video. He decided to open all his dresser drawers and then lie down below them.  Moments later, the dresser came crashing down.  Luckily, its a small room and tall dresser and it was not able to come fully down on him.  I think that as one of the drawers slammed to the ground, it caught his hand with the corner.  He also got a few good wacks on the back.  Thank goodness it did not hit his head and he returned to normal pretty quickly.  We are so lucky because it could have been so much worse!
Made: A quick scramble around the house before some impromptu guest arrived.  Saturday was Wilson's summer picnic.  They held in at the Sky Sox stadium.  They paid for the kids to be able to play in the fun zone and had us sit in the catered section for our seats.  While talking with some of his co-workers, a couple of them wanted to try his home brew.  So we invited everyone over for some beer and darts after the game.  Jack managed to even get four people to play soccer hockey with him.  He really was in heaven.  I am thankful that our house is big enough that we can easily host a gathering like that.  Of course, I would have loved being able to offer everyone some great snacks and such, but I think a good time was still had.  We might have even found a new couple to play cards with.

Felt: A mix of emotions for Jack.  We are excited because he got the teacher we both really wanted for him, but he did not get his best friend in class.  They aren't even in the same hallway because at the last minute they had an overflow class added and she offered to move so that the new teacher could be close to the other teachers.  This means that they wont even have a chance to bump into each other in the hallway.  We did find out that another one of his playground friends was going to be in the class, so he is looking forward to that.  We also made plans with his best friends mom for us to be able to get him after school once a week so that they can still play.  

Planned: On doing something for our last free Friday before school started up again, but Jack wanted to just chill at home. I think we have went and did so much all summer that a day at home just chilaxing was what the doctor ordered.  We played soccer hockey, Skylanders, watched some TV, and were just all around bums.  Jack said it was a great day because we didn't get out of our pj's until it was time to go football practice.

Loved: Spending the day with Kyle and Jess at Elitch's.  Mother Nature wasn't the kindest to us forcing the park to close down for almost 90 minutes but we still made the best out of it.  We rode most of the coasters in the main park and then wrapped up our time together in the water park.  I am so glad that they live close so that we get to do things with them more often.

Here are the pics for the week:

Piggy Back drills are so much fun...  ;)

It's a good thing she's cute because she is a destroyer!

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