Monday, 29 August 2016

A Week in Review (August 21-27)

A Week in Review (August 21-27)

Watched: Jack get his jersey for football. His coach lined them up and then announced each one of them.  At the end, they had to dance before he would give them there jersey. Jack was the first one he called. You can watch him getting it too HERE. It was a bit emotional for me because Jack chose to honor our friend Laurie by choosing a number of a great Chiefs player who shares our last name, Derrick Thomas.

Read: A bit in my book, Child 44. While it seems to be very well written, it just isn't floating my boat. Maybe next week I will be more in the mood.

Listened: To a CPR instructor.  With my new job I have to be current in my CPR training. It was a good class until the first aid section. That was a very long video that just about put everyone in the room to sleep.  When it went back to live instructions, it was much more interesting again.  I feel better having had a refresher course.

Made: Popcorn for 500 people on Thursday. It was the last big pop that we will have for a while.  Once a month the PTA pops popcorn for our students. I know that the kids love it. We have started popping earlier in the day, so that we get the students aware that they need to be prepared for the next day. Next month, we will only need to pop about 250. Pretty big difference.

Felt: Bummed about Nick's birthday. This is the second birthday of his that we have had to miss with him. He was in Utah last year and this year he had to go to Denver for one of their Higher Relationships conferences. I think that he had a good time on his birthday, so at least there is that.

Planned: On playing shuffleboard down at Phantom Canyon brewing on Sunday to celebrate Nick's birthday a little early. When we got there, the shuffleboard was being used. Instead of waiting there, we walked down to a local park and tried some free outdoor shuffleboard. I had never played before, but I thought it was a blast. Nick, not surprisingly, won both games. We walked back to the brewery and they had the table open. We realized that Jack most enjoyed attempting to knock off your pucks rather than shoot his well. It was a really good time. 

Loved: Our neighbors, the Millers.  I found a new basketball hoop for Jack, but then I realized that I had no way to get home.  A quick text to Kelly, and it was arranged for John to go with Nick to pick it up.  They have helped us entertain Nora when we go out for long days.  I can always count on them. It's nice to have someone like that in our neighborhood.

Here are the pics for the week:

Nick in his new shirt from Valerie and Angel

Jack and his teammates after their jersey reception

Ready for game day

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