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A Week in Review (May 29-June 4)

A Week in Review (May 29-June 4)

Watched: Jack and his friend have an awesome time together at Elitches. We decided to use one our free passes and spend the day up there where it was 75 and sunny, rather than down here where is was 65 and overcast.  It was nice having a better feeling for the park so I had some good ideas of where to park, what to take with me, and where things were.  The lines were a bit shorter and they got to ride several things. We did the water rides and ended up drenched each time. In the collage below, you will see a framework leading up to a very tall platform. That is the Sidewinder and you have to take the stairs!!! to the top.  While it was a great ride, I don't want to climb it very often. The boys went on it three times and I only went on it once. 

Read:  I still wasn't getting into the reading vibe this week.  Luckily a book came off my hold list that I know still has a ton of people after me.  This will motivate me to read it pretty fast.  It is called Glory Over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House.  I wouldn't quite call it a sequel to The Kitchen House, but it does share some of the same characters.  I am not very far in it, but I am enjoying it.

Listened: To Jack come in crying from basketball with his dad on Friday night. Apparently Nick was a little over aggressive with a check and it caught Jack in the mouth, which popped his tooth free.  While he was cleaning up, we realized that he had lost 3 of his 7 teeth by being hit with a ball. That's almost 43%. 
I think it's quite funny. He lost his first two ever that way. It was at a football practice. Then he lost one on the playground in Utah. And Friday he lost one playing basketball with his dad.  I think it just means that he spends at least 50% of his life playing with balls.

Made: Progress on my picture archiving again. It had been a while since I had taken the time to look at them, but I thought it was best just to try to get started. I was surprised to learn that Wal-Mart doesn't carry a traditional photo album in their stores anymore.  Instead of looking all over, I just bought one from Amazon.  I am sure I won't finish this summer, but it feels good to have started again.

Felt: Relieved that the gentlemen at the paint counter were able to fix my paint!  It did take adding quite a bit of violet to it to make it tone down. It took three separate tries, but we didn't give up. What I love about the new technology was that there were even able to repeat it because they are able to write down the exact number of drops that went in.

Planned: On the boys having a normal last practice, but coach just decided to have a good time with them. They got to play different baseball themed games and challenges.  At the end of practice, they had their hit-a-thon that I had donated prizes too. Jack's good friend hit the ball all 10 times. It was crazy!  I really wish the league would allow our boys to stay together longer. They make such a great team. 

Loved:  Celebrating the end of the season with Jack's baseball team.  They really are such an amazing group of kiddos and were blessed with an unbelievable coach to help guide and mold them.  Coach Dewey really loves baseball and you can tell.  The boys all really respected him and had an awesome time with him.  We, as parents, could see that and appreciate all his hard work.  Our last game of the season was on Saturday.  After the game, 2/3 of the boys were able to head to a local pizza parlor for a celebration.  They played on the machines, ate pizza and cupcakes, and ran around like maniacs.  We presented coach with a team gift and a signed baseball from the boys.  I was also able to put him together a trophy from the pieces of extra ones due to shipping mishaps.  Next, he gave the boys their trophies.  He had something nice to say about each of them.  Then I was surprised with a gift and hugs from the team thanking me for all my work as team mom and dugout monitor.  I was quite shocked and thankful.  I don't know what we will do without any sports scheduled for the next couple of months.  I am sure it will just fly by!    

Here are the pics for the week:

Doesn't it look so pretty?

Our Elitches Collage

Pizza Party

Clearly they aren't on the ball field--untucked jersey and backward hats

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