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A Week in Review (May 22-28)

A Week in Review (May 22-28)

Watched: Jack catch a pop fly for an out.  They were in a close game with their opponent on Thursday, which doesn't happen very often for our team.  This was against the team that had beaten us once when were having an awful batting day too.  Luckily, our boys played very well.  One of our boys, who actually used to close his eyes when he got up to bat, hit a home run!  It was the first one for our team and if we were a betting crew, this kid would have the long odds.  The whole team was so excited for him.  Then, Jack and two other kids caught a pop flies.  The ended up winning.  Even though there are no official league standings, we know that we are on top of the division.  We do have a rematch scheduled with our toughest opponent for next Tuesday.  I am hoping the forecast is wrong and we are able to play!

Read:  I finished up My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry.  It was another winner by Fredrik Backman. He complete sucks you in and has you rooting for all the characters in the novel. I kept thinking on an old crotchety neighbor I had growing up. I never got to know her back story the way you get to know his characters, but I wonder if it would have made me understand her any better. I would recommend this book to lovers of fairy tales, Harry Potter, people who are "different", and those who just love a good human interest story.  I haven't found a good book to start next.  Guess I will be waiting for something to come off my holds list.

Listened: To the story of a friend.  They are going through a tough time and I was glad I could be there to listen. I even made a meal for their family.  They said a family favorite was Mexican, so I took my favorite comfort food to them which is Mexican Lasagna.  I also took over some refried beans, chips and salsa, strawberries, and brownies.  It was so great being able to do something simple for them which I know meant a lot to all of them.    

Made: A new bulletin board for the PTA for Jack's school.  The one board had set blank all school year long with old and outdated information on it.  I just couldn't handle it, so I went and got the stuff to freshen it up.  I even asked another mom to stay and help me put it up.  I am not big on asking for help, but I know that it connects more people to the school and so I decided to let go.  I am pleased with the way it turned out.  While we were there, we also decided to dig through the PTA closet.  I don't think anyone had done that in years.  It was a big tasks but over a couple of days, I totally organized it.  It took spending 50 dollar on totes to get it done. I should have taken a before and after.

Felt:  Excited that Nick was able to come home on Friday instead of having to travel from Utah, where he was attending his Higher Relationship conference, to Vegas.  We weren't sure if he would have business to conduct out there, but it didn't seem to make sense for him to come home and then go back out only a day or two later.  Luckily, things were able to wrap up without him being present out there.

Planned: On picking out a great color for the sun room with Nick.  For Christmas, he gave me the gift of repainting it, but the weather hasn't ever coincided with our free time to get it done.  Luckily, we were pretty open this Memorial Day weekend and so we decided to do it this weekend.  I knew I wanted a pale yellow.  The ones that I was picking Nick thought would be too light.  He usually nails all the paint colors I want, so I trusted his judgement.  We got home and painted a sample of it on the wall.  I am kind of freaking out because it looks like a giant banana in there.  A quick google search has told me that if I take it back to Home Depot, they can add some violet to it to help tone down the yellow.  I hope they aren't wrong.  I really don't want to lose the $40 I paid for the can, but I can't have the original color stand.

Loved: Celebrating the boy's last day of second grade.  We spent it with his close friend and his family.  First, we went to Dart Warz and even the moms played.  The boys whooped up on us and they thought that was quite fun.  Then we went down and had some yogurt from ItopIt, Jack's favorite ice cream place in the Springs.  The boys still hadn't had enough together time, so we went to Hu Hot.  It was so crazy busy there.  It just meant more time for chit chatting though.  We didn't get home until after Nick did!  My little man is a third grade teacher now.

Here are the pics for the week:

Doesn't it look so nice and clean?

Jack and his teacher on the last day

I hope this can be fixed!

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