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A Week in Review (June 19-25)

A Week in Review (June 19-25)

Watched: Now You See Me with Jack. He wasn't really thrilled with the concept, but he loved it. It's a good mix between magic and action.  On Saturday, we just had to see the follow up movie, Now You See Me 2 at the theater.  The "magic" wasn't quite as good, but I thought it was nice follow up to the original movie. I would highly recommend taking a refresher run in the original movie before watching the second one. I don't think it would make as much sense otherwise. 

Read:  I was able to finish up The Girl with All the GiftsThis book was given to me by a fellow book lover, and I didn't even read the back before I picked it up. Boy was I in for a surprise. I had assumed by the title that it would be a Chick Lit book. It couldn't be farther from that as it is a SciFi Thriller. I thought the plot was a bit slow to develop at the beginning, but it really picked up. I was blown away by the end. It didn't go at all how I thought it would.  I would recommend it for SciFi fans who don't mind a bit of emphasis on relationships.  Next, I read Night.  While it is short, it is very intense. It was an emotional story. I can not imagine living through such an inhumane experience. To lose your whole family in such a short time. The brutal honesty that he speaks with is so intense that it look me quite a bit longer to read the story. I kept having to stop because it was too heavy and therefore, it took much longer for me to finish it than the number of pages dictated that it should.  After that I started on The Opposite of Everyone. It's by Joshilyn Jackson. She is one of my go-to authors when I want an easy read. It's what I needed after Night!

Listened: To the sounds of some crazy rain.  I was on my way to get the boys from camp and the skies just opened up. Which meant traffic came to crawl on the roads and I hated it because that meant that I would be running late. Running late totally stresses me out. I only ended up being about three minutes late since I was able to get a closer parking spot than was usually available.

Made: Our crazy summer travel plans. Jack and I will not be home for much of July as we travel to my mom's, KC, and Vegas. It will be fun and probably quite hot!  We are looking forward to seeing so many people that we love in such a short time. We are also excited about going as a whole family to watch Penn & Teller.

Felt: Like I did a lot of driving for nothing too special. Nick's work planned to get together to attend the Fan Fest for the Pike's Peak Hill Climb. Basically every year cars, motorcycles, and trucks race up the hill.  It would have to be a pretty intense feeling. The whole thing was a bit of a let down because there wasn't much to see and not many people came.  It might not have been a big deal, but I had to drive into downtown, which takes 30 minutes to get to from our place, then drive his friend home from camp, drive back down into downtown and then home again. Luckily they had shaved ice so I got some dessert that I liked out of all it. :)

Planned: To just pack Nick clothes for his work trip as normal but since he has lost so much weight, nothing really looked good on him anymore. We decided to get rid of all his too big pants and shirts (and man there were a lot!) and just go get him some new ones. He hates spending money on the clothes but I think he realized it was necessary. He looked pretty snazzy and I thought we did a great job getting three pairs of pants, two shirts, and a pair of shoes for a little over $200.  His side of the closet looks much more spacious now!

Loved: Jack's enthusiasm for his basketball camp.  He always came home with a new game idea or story to tell me. He often skipped over parts of lunch and snack and never went to the optional swimming so that he could have more time for free shooting.  That means that he spent from about 9 to 4 from Monday through Friday playing basketball. He was very glad he went. It was funny because one of the players who worked as a coach at the camp looked similar to Jack. I think the buzz cut from the week before helped seal the deal.  His nickname was String Cheese, so Jack often called himself Tiny Cheese or Cheese Curd. Haha


Here are the pics for the week:

A picture from our last morning of camping. They were both pretty pooped. 

Jack's in the back bottom row towards the left throwing his funky arm sign. 

Jack and String Cheese

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