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A Week in Review (April 24-30)

A Week in Review (April 24-30)

Watched: The snow fall and fall some more.  It's like Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it was the end of April and we have outdoor Spring sports to enjoy.  The snow was very heavy and wet.  The good thing about that is that it didn't really stick to the road and make driving dangerous.  It did, however, cancel all the sporting events that my mom drove down to see.  We will just have the memory that she tried and that we enjoyed doing other things besides watching sports. 

Read: I finished up Reached.  This was the best book in the series since it is the climax that the other two have been leading up too. However, I think the author would have done herself a great justice to cut it down to one novel. I'd only recommend this series if you are a hardcore YA dystopian trilogy fan. Next, I started the The Duff:  Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  I didn't get very far into it, but I am enjoying it.  Once I am done with it, I will most likely watch the movie to see how they compare.

Listened: To the oddest woman at JC Penney when we went to look at watches for my birthday. She was new in the jewelry department and it really showed. I was surprised that they didn't give her some time of support. It cracked me up at the end of the transaction when she told me to take the survey to receive 10% off my next purchase, but I only should do it if I was totally satisfied because otherwise it would bring her scores down. Too be nice to her, I didn't take it.  Luckily I knew what I wanted and walked away with a beautiful watch.
Made: A bulletin board for Teacher Appreciation Week. The theme for the week is #thankateacher.  I decided that I would go into each classroom and have the students write a small thank you note to their teacher and they could do one optional one for a specials teacher.  It turned into a MUCH bigger project that I would have thought it would, but it turned out wonderful.  I had each of them laminated and I think that they will be real keepsakes for each of the teachers.  It's always nice to read something sweet from your students.

Felt: Proud of Jack at Landsharks.  It is a way different feeling than the fall season when he was the "new kid".  Now he gathers people around him and has a good time hanging with his friends.  He even convinced all the 2nd graders in his club to run the 800m with him.  He did well, finishing in 3:48.4, in 14th out of 30th.  He also ran the 50m dash in about 9.5 seconds.  Those results were not official and so I am not sure how he placed compared to the other kiddos.  

Planned: To meet my mom at the house, but she got in town earlier than I would have expected.  She drove down to Chuck E Cheese, where we were hanging out for the afternoon, and surprised Jack.  It was a lot of fun to see the surprise on his face.

Loved: Having the weekend with my mom.  As I told you earlier, she was here to watch Jack play sports and celebrate my birthday.  Since the weather didn't cooperate, we did lots of other things instead.  We enjoyed HuHot and some frozen yogurt.  We played a ton of games boys vs girls.  The girls really rocked those.  We made a great memory with Jack going nil with 6 spades in his hand.  We took her to Dart Warz with one of Jack's friends and had a boys vs girls game there too.  We all even settled in and watched Beetlejuice together (and all the adults managed to stay awake for the entire time! haha)

Here are the pics for the week:

Thought it was funny when a do not walk sign gave us the shocker hand. 

The finished bulletin board

He's got no clue

What a fun surprise 

My pretty new watch

I was able to snap this fun picture of mom getting out because I was already out of the round

Some snuggle time before we played some Wii

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