Friday, 20 May 2016

A Week in Review (May 15-21)

A Week in Review (May 15-21)

Watched: A cute video that Jack made for his school's Adventure in Literacy day. Most of his class made one the day before, but since we were gone, he had to do his the day of.  He did it on the Popcorn Friday team.  It turned out pretty cute. His teacher said she would email us a link to download the videos they've made and I hope that's true.

Read:  I think I had a bit of a book hangover from Dark Places. I really just couldn't get started on any book I tried. Luckily, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry came off my hold list.  I've been pretty busy with everyday stuff and haven't made great progress on it, but I am enjoying it. I'm hoping to wrap it up before Jack gets done with school next week. 

Listened: To another little league coach be quite hard on his players.  He said to me before the game that they hadn't lost.  As the game went on, I could see why. They only used their best players at key positions. They didn't bat through their entire batting order, continually skipping over the kids who couldn't hit well.  It really makes me thankful for our coach who plays every player at every position, who encourages all of our kids to do their best and applauds their effort even when it doesn't net results. 

Made: A fun day out of Elitches. We decided to play hookie so we could take advantage of the free bring a friend tickets, without having to deal with a weekend crowd.  We went with our friends the Petersen's. Jack did his first 48" roller coasters. He thought the scariest one was the Tower of Doom, which pulls you up and then shoots you straight down. He isn't a huge fan of going upside down either.  It was one of the warmer days that we have experienced and that took some getting used too.  I found out that they no longer give out free water cups. Guess I will always need to remember to take in a water bottle for us to share.  Also, the food prices have gotten crazy. It's now $7 for a pretzel.  We will be making more trips to the car for lunch.  It was good to get a feel for what a day there might look like. 

Felt: Happy. My brother reminded me that we needed to have our monthly chat. It's what he gave me for my birthday. We spent almost two hours on the phone just talking it up. It's good to hear what's going on in his life and keep him updated on ours since he doesn't read this blog or participate in Facebook. 

Planned: On just researching what location the baseball pictures would be set up so I could tell the Kona Ice guy the best place to park.  But when I was on the main page, I stumbled across some pictures of Jack's game that another mom had taken and posted there. Jack was clearly her favorite subject.  I've contacted her so I can get full size images. It will be a while, but she says I can have them. :)

Loved:  My Wednesday. It was a 
great day. I found out our Chipotle fundraiser for the new fields went really well, making 1540.75.  Then I submitted a nomination for Jack's baseball coach to throw out a first pitch for the local minor league team and found out he was accepted!  I also got the contract signed for the year book for next school year. Plus, I finished up the sponsorship plaque and trophies for our team. And I cleaned the house. After school, I made my boy some semi-homemade chicken noodle soup before heading to practice, where he was given the game ball for their Monday game. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Here is the series of shots she captured of Jack. 

The finished plaque and trophy 

A selfie before a tilt a whirl ride

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