Monday, 9 May 2016

A Week in Review (May 1-7)

A Week in Review (May 1-7)

Watched: Jack play catcher on Wednesday in some beautiful baseball weather. He was really quite good at it going for all the short balls and anything that might go foul. In the picture I snapped, he has his glove upside down, but normally he had it the right way. One of the mom's even commented to me that she really noticed how he was going after it. He was really proud that he got on base after every hit too. The whole team played really well and ended up winning by a score of 22-3.

Read:  I finished up The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This was a pretty typical YA book plot. I picked it up because if I realize there is a book, I must read it before watching the movie. I was quite surprised at the language in the book. Not that it is in anyway atypical for teenagers. It is just not generally written that way. While I wouldn't shy away from another book by the same author, I wouldn't rush right away and have to get it. The next book I started was Stars Above, it is a short story collection to go along with the Lunar Chronicles. It is due back to the library next week so I really had to put some time into it.  It looks like I will actually be able to get it done.  I am enjoying reading the backstories from the Lunar Chronicles.

Listened: To Nick tell the story of how Jack completing the rings in the gym when no other kid in his class could. Even though Nick had spent the rest of the week out of town, he made it back in time to attend Jack's field day. There ended up being a lot of parent helpers so Nick was able to follow Jack around. I stayed and worked a game.  I'm really glad they each got to experience field day together. I know it meant a lot to each of them.

Made: Our first trip to the gym.  We decided to enroll at Lifetime Fitness so that we could have access to the pool for the summer.  We took a tour Monday and Jack just loved it. He climbed to the top of several rock walls, played some horse, and swam around in the pool. I think we will enjoy having that option.

Felt: A bit nervous about our team's Hit-a-thon participation.  The day I had to turn in the list of names I didn't have anyone signed up to play.  It took the old fashioned asking people face to face to get a good response. By the end of the night, we ended up with 8 out of the 12 players, so I don't think that's too shabby at all.  It will be fun to see how it goes down.

Planned: A pretty awesome, and exhaustive for me, week for Teacher appreciation. In addition to the billboard from last week, we did several fun activities. On Monday, we delivered pre-ordered Sonic drinks to them. I was a bit disappointed that Sonic ran a half hour late having the drinks ready. It made delivery kind of hectic. Definitely something I will be aware of next time.  Tuesday, the PTA catered a soup, salad, and bread stick lunch from Olive Garden.  The teachers really enjoyed that. On Wednesday, we delivered over 300 carnations to staff with "Thank You" messages attached to them.  Thursday, there was a candy buffet set out for their enjoyment. Friday, we encouraged kids to wear their teacher's favorite color for Field Day.  That was a hard one for Jack since we really don't have any purple in our wardrobe.  

Loved:  Seeing my boys head off to the movies together.  It serves so many wonderful purposes.  Most importantly, they get to bond together doing something that the two of them both really enjoy.  Secondly, and not far behind, is that I don't have to watch action movies in the theater in anymore.  Lastly, it gives me some alone time to catch up on things just for me.  This time, I actually headed to bed quite early since I had only gotten five hours of sleep the night before.  It was wonderful.  The boys both really loved Captain America: Civil War too.

Here are the pics for the week:

Jack at the top of a rather challenging climb.

My candy buffet line up

Jack's baseball picture for the season

Here he is at catcher

My yummy treats

My only field day picture while I was leading cat tails

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