Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Week in Review (October 18-24)

A Week in Review (October 18-24)

Watched: A lot more episodes in The Scrubs series.  I have almost finished it.  I have heard conflicting things about the last season when it changed networks.  I am sure I will have to watch it, or it would just feel like I was missing something.  I have heard thinking of it like a spin-off helps.  I have been discussing lots of shows to watch next with one of my girlfriends.  I haven't narrowed it down to just one yet.   

Read: I finished up Carrie.  It really got in my head causing me to have several nights of messed up dreams. However, there is just something that I felt was missing when the book ended. I have been trying to put my finger on what it was lacking, but I just haven't been able too.  I picked a random book from my book shelf and decided to start For One More Day.  I haven't made a lot of headway in, so I cant tell you what I think of it.      

Listened: The speech therapsits agree that Jack was successfully meeting his goal enough to be able move to check-in services only. We still need to make sure that we are practicing s-blends at homes, but I am glad for the interruption in his week is over.  It was a good experience where I felt everyone really worked together as a team. 

Made: The decision to buy new curtains for the living room.  The other ones just felt too spring-like.  I am very excited with the ones that I chose.  They compliment the other ones that I already had on the other window.  I did have to buy one more pair of panels because they just needed more material to make them look decent.  It was a pretty expensive way to change the look out of living room without too much work.

Felt: Conflicted about to buy an 8 year old girl with a quirky personality. Jack was invited to her party, but wasn't sure of what to get her.  Both Baby Mario and Moshi Monsters were suggested as ideas. Sadly, they don't sell either of those things in stores. Based on them,  went with Littlest Per Shop. Then, I made the mistake of asking her if she liked them. You guessed it, she told me no. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a Magic 8 ball wrapped in a Fleece Throw. Luckily it was a hit. Phew!  Jack also had a good time at the party, so that was nice. 

Planned: A trip to the neighborhood fire station for the 2nd graders at Jack's school.  It sounds a lot easier than it actually was. The only person who schedules the field trips is rarely able to answer the phone.  When she does get back to you, her head is so full of request that she can't keep her facts straight.  But luckily, with a lot of preservance, I got them scheduled. Now I just hope that the kids have a good time and the weather is decent for the walk. 

Loved: Watching Jack wrestle. We had to wake up quite early on our normal sleep in day, but it was worth it. We not only got the experience of what a tournament feels like, but Jack earned second place.  His very first match he pinned his opponent. The second one, he won. The last one, he got pinned in no time flat. It was a great learning experience, but he was pretty frustrated with himself.  It gave him some great things to work on in practice. They have a tournament here in the Springs next weekend and so we are planning on going to that as well. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Old vs New Curtains

Snow capped mountains have made their debut

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