Monday, 19 October 2015

A Week in Review (October 4-10)

A Week in Review (October 4-10)

Watched: KU get blown out by Baylor so badly that Nick didn't even want to come back in the stadium to watch the 2nd half. We had a much better time hanging outside watching the kiddos play and hang out with each other. We are hoping that KU turns it around soon. It is making for a very long season.  Jack ended up feeling car sick about an hour from home, but luckily we made it home without any trouble. 

Read: I am trying to make my way through Good Omens:  The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. I am having a hard time following the story as it seems very disjointed too me. There are a few parts where I smile at the humor, but I am hoping the storyline starts to come together soon. 

Listened: To the cousins and Jack have a great time seeing each other. Watching 4 boys ages 9-6 talk to each other is a hoot. They come with all sorts of things to make you laugh.  It was exciting to just let them go enjoy themselves in the Hyvee Hawkzone than having to worry because they were all so little. :)  

Made: The trip back from Lawrence in one night. We were planning on staying somewhere in the middle, but I decided sleeping in my own bed and not having to rush around as much to make it to Jack's state cross country meet would be worth the long drive.  

Felt: Excited that we were able to see as many people as were in our short visit to Kansas. It's so hard to cram in years of friends in two days, but we do what can.  We are so thankful that most people's schedules aligned or could be wiggled so that we could say hi.  We even got in some of our favorite places like Braum's (ice cream for breakfast!) and BD's (where Jack likes that they call him the Tofu Kid).  

Planned: On Jack missing his first practice of wrestling because of his last soccer game. However, the game was called off due to a big storm hitting the area. They still got together for cupcake and medals at a park. We didn't stay long so we could make it to wrestling close to on-time. It was an interesting experience for me. Lots of sweaty boys in one room, with no place to sit. Not sure I will go to a lot of practices. Hopefully Nick will be able to take him. 

Loved: Watching Jack get to see Kate. They say that with true friendship, months can go without talking and then you just pick back up. That's the way it is for these two. They have such a good time together. We started out rocky because Chuck E Cheese didn't open until 11, but I had thought it was 10. After playing in the park, we tried again, only to find them closed for some sort of electrical issue. We ended up driving over to the other location and had a great time. 

Here are the pics for the week:
Medal from Coach Mike

Wrestling with his friend

Braum's for Breakfast

BD's for lunch

Exhausted, but still posing 

I don't think he made it to Topeka before falling asleep. 

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