Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Week in Review (August 23-29)

A Week in Review (August 23-29)

Watched: Since I finished up Parks and Rec, I have been looking for a new series to start.  Daytime TV is absolutely awful.  I am so thankful for Netflix so that I can binge watch decent shows while I am home alone.  I decided to watch Scrubs for my next series.  There are nine seasons, so it should take me a least a month or so to get through it.  Haha  It is funny to look back and see how much our life has changed just since 2000 when the show first aired.  

Read:  I finally finished up The Girl Who Stopped Swimming.  This book wasn't my favorite by the author. It didn't pull me in quite as well as her others have done. However, I was totally surprised by the ending and didn't at all predict it would go that way. I read through the last 60 pages quickly because I was finally hooked on what was happening.  I wouldn't pay full price to read it, but if you happens to catch your eye at your library, you could grab it off the shelf and enjoy it.  

Listened: To Jack create make himself the most elaborate obstacle course in our basement.  It was funny watching him try to conquer the challenges that he had created himself.  I think the hardest was having to kick his hover ball from the pillow onto the blanket while jumping in between the pillows without touching the floor.  He ended up getting pretty good at it.  When Nick got home on Friday, they redesigned the course and came up with more dangerous and fun things to do.

Made: Some quick curtain ties for the house.  Since the windows are almost always open here, we needed something to pull back the curtains.  I didn't really want to spend a lot of money, so I went googling.  When I was out there, I stumbled upon so many different DIY ones that I determined I could whip up something too.  I went down the my craft room, found some felt and velcro and voila these suckers were born.  They work well.  I thought about adding a flower or something to the front for some decorative flair, but decided that Nick would like the plain better.  Now to see how long the hold up.

Felt: Amused. Jack does not like jeans at all, but I always try to find a pair at a garage sale in case he were to need one. I found one this weekend and asked him to try them on. His face just totally cracked me up. You would think that they had needles inside of them. At least they fit, but I think you will only be seeing them if jeans are required for something. 

Planned: On letting Jack and our neighbors play on Thursday after school, but I got a last minute text asking for help from the PTA to help pop popcorn for their first Popcorn Friday. Everyone in the school gets free popcorn to excite them for the event. From here on out, they have to pay 50 cents or have parents be PTA members. It was quite a big task to count, bag, deliver all 450 bags. We had to end up continuing on the next morning.  I think it is something I will continue to help out with in the future. 

Loved: Hearing that mom was going to be able to make it down for a soccer game, the Grandparents Breakfast held by the school, and his first Landsharks race.  This is one of the best perks of living in the Springs. Can't wait to show her around. 

Here are the pics for the week:
My homemade curtain ties

Jack's obstacle course

Not jeans!

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