Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Week in Review (Aug 30-Sept 5)

A Week in Review (Aug 30-Sept 5)

Watched: Way too many Scrubs episodes. It is an easy show to have on while you are doing something else too. I do love having text discussions with a fellow mom about what are other good shows for binge watching, where we each are in our shows, and everything else wonderful. 

Read:  I am about halfway through The Nightingale. It is a good story, but it just moving a little slow for me right now. I am hoping all the character development makes the 2nd half go more quickly.

Listened: To my boy wake up and immediately ask when Nick's project is going to be done.  Unfortunately Nick had to go back to Utah to defend a change order. We are hopeful that this will be his last trip. But as all things with this project, we better not hold our breath.
Made: My simple lemon cookies and Jack and our neighbor friend were totally in love with them.  If I haven't posted the recipe before it is a box of lemon cake mix, 2 eggs, and 1/3 cup oil. Cook at 375 for 7 minutes. They won't look done when you pull them out of the oven.  Let them sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack. Makes about a 18 cookies. 

Felt: Excited that Jack's teacher finally asked me to volunteer in the classroom. I am looking forward to meeting the kids and seeing her teaching style in action. We also got an email explaining some of her classroom procedures. They don't have weekly spelling tests, which I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around.  I am sure it will all be fine. :)

Planned: On watching Jack play a couple games of soccer last week, but Mother Nature had other plans. Tuesday, it was storming badly when the game was supposed to start so the other coach sent his players home. The city ended up allowing the games to be played, but we didn't have anyone to play. On Thursday, it again started raining.  However, they play in the rain so the game started a little late and then was stopped 15 minute into it for a distant lighting strike. The good news was that Jack had scored the only goal of the game.  When we were going home he suggested that we try to find the rainbows end. It made for quite the fun journey, but we never could quite make it there. 

Loved: Having a handy husband.  The sink here is very shallow and the faucet was old and ugly. I asked Nick for an upgrade and he thought it would be worth it. When we were picking out of a faucet, we also saw a new shower head for my bathroom and so we decided that we should get that too. :). He had both of them installed and ready to go in about 90 minutes. I am so glad that I married a hard working man who loves to spoil me. 

Here are the pics for the week:

At least we got to see a rainbow for our troubles. 

My new faucet and shower head. 

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