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A Week in Review (September 6-12)

A Week in Review (September 6-12)

Watched: Jack keep swinging his mini golf club way to hard and send the ball soaring.  One of the times he did it, we were at the far end of the course and the ball went out of bounds and through the fence.  We made him walk all the way around because I didn't think he could make it through the fence.  When he was on the other side, he decided to see if he could fit and he did.  He wasn't too happy we had made him go all the way around.  We had a great time at the course, playing all three of the 18 hole courses.  The final course had ET on it.  Jack thought the alien but was hilarious.  So I snapped his picture with it.  They also had reasonably priced batting cages at $1 for 12 pitches.  He took 24 of them and connected on about 2/3 of them.  I know we will be back for more.  

Read: I finished up The Nightingale.  I really expected to be blown away by this story, but I wasn't as moved by it as I thought I would be. I found the beginning a little slow and the end a bit too predictable. However, this book really made me thankful for the life of ease that I am privileged to lead. If I were faced with such horrible choices what would I do?  Next I began Pennyroyal Academy.  I found it on a list of Reece Witherspoon's recommendations.  I am not really drawn to it, but I will probably stick it out as the premise is somewhat interesting.  

Listened: To a few kiddos read in Jack's class.  I volunteered on Thursday and worked with some kids on picking up their reading speed.  I think this will become a regular gig for me.  I am looking forward to getting into the classroom more and becoming active in his new school.

Made: A stop at the liquor store to get Nick his weekly pick up of Pale Ale.  While we were there, we saw a display for VinIQ.  It's tagline is Shake to Shimmer.  It looked exactly like a Motion Potion bottle that my godparents made and sold in their little shop around 30 years ago, and still swirls up to this day.  I have never known what the shimmer was and had always assumed it was something like silver paint, so I was very surprised to see it in a drinkable cocktail.  I had so much fun just swirling the bottle and watching it shimmer.  I was excited to pour a drink and see how cool in looked in the glass.  I was not happy to taste it.  I thought it was awful!  It had a decent beginning flavor, but it ended so strongly that I just couldn't handle it.  So my review is buy it to have a fun shaking bottle, but not to drink!

Felt: Amused when I walked upstairs.  Jack has to soak his hand for 5 minutes a night as part of the treatment plan to try and get rid of a wart.  I knew he was watching a video, which makes the time go by so much faster than just standing there shooting the breeze with me.  Apparently he decided that standing was too much as well.  At least he kept his hand in the water.  A+ for creative thinking.

Planned: On taking Jack and his friend to Dart Warz since they were both out of school on Tuesday and I had a coupon for BOGO an hour of play.  Turns out they are closed on Tuesdays.  Ugh!  Since I had already promised them a day of fun, we set out to find something else fun to do.  We spotted Aunt Debbie's Chuck E Cheese coupons she had sent and we were off.  The boys had a good time and were very competitive with each other.  They even made feeding their tickets in a race.  I had to laugh and snagged a picture.  It was a good way to spend a couple hours of a four day weekend.

Loved: Having my mom come to visit us.  She made it down for a soccer match on Thursday and Grandparent's Breakfast on Friday.  I need to get the picture from her phone of the two of them together at the breakfast.  The food wasn't great, but I know that Jack loved being able to have her here.  We spent Friday looking through shops trying to find the perfect gift for a friend.  We had almost given up when we found it!  We also enjoyed a yummy Chinese buffet, which was a real treat for me as Nick and Jack aren't fans.  We played lots of cribbage, neighbor, and some Texas poker.  She also brought down a croquet set for us to play with.  Nick won the match all four of us played.  I am looking forward to more trips with her close by.

Here are the pics for the week:

My kid is so skinny, he can fit through that fence!

A little alien booty.

They really made a game of sweeping dirt off the back patio.  True story.

A little bit of pass on Thursday before heading to soccer.

My attempting at showing everyone how cool VinIQ looked.

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