Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Week in Review (May 24-30)

A Week in Review (May 24-30)

Watched: A ton of the Aquarius show that is new to NBC. I thought it would be more about the cops interaction with Manson, but so far, it's more about the life a cop of during the Manson era. 

Read: I'm remiss to stay this category still remains empty. Summer is the hardest time for me to read.  I still hope to change my pace. I just keep letting other things get in the way. 

Listened: To the sound of the road as we drove home from Phoenix. We took a different way home that let us see the edge of the Grand Canyon without adding any extra driving time. We also got to encounter snow up near Bryce Canyon too. It was a wild ride, but we sure were glad to have it over with. 

Made: A trip to Leatherby's to celebrate Jack's baseball season. He was super excited to at the end because he got two gum balls instead of one for his quarter.  The look of excitement on his face was absolutely priceless when it dropped them both. 

Felt: Amazed at how many box tops were turned in after the competition had ended. I spent a couple hours in Friday trimming all the ones that were turned in.   It was very awesome to mail a box containing $850 dollars worth of free money for the PTA. I hope their is an opening on the committee at our next destination. 

Planned: For my boys to have fun in Vegas while I relaxed at home. It didn't quite go as planned, but it was a learning experience for everyone. 

Loved: Getting to see a lot of our Phoenix family on Sunday. We had a rather last minute notice for them to get together, but lots of people were still able to make it. Sherry, Nick's aunt, got some great pictures. I put my favorite one below. She also got a fun family shot of the three of us too. 

Here are the pics for the week:

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