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A Week in Review (May 17-23)

A Week in Review (May 17-23)

Watched: Jack have a great time at his school's free carnival. They had sack racing, which he was very excited about. He raced a fifth grade girl and dove across the finish line to beat her. They also had a magician that he enjoyed. They had a cupcake walk that he tried several times but never won.  There was also a bird show, but he didn't go to that. There were a couple other games including a candy in the jar estimation game that I helped man. It was a pretty fun night for everyone. 

Read: Hardly anything at all. I can't believe that this is the second week in a row that I really don't have much to write here. I remember really falling into a slump this time last year too. I know next week will have a book on it because it's book club again. :)

Listened: I got the audiobook Yes, Please. It's Amy Poehler's memoir. I am not sure what made me ever put it on a hold list.  Nonetheless, I like it. I don't have a ton of  alone time to listen to it in the car, but I still have managed to get a couple disc in.

Made: An entire day out of finding the perfect place to grill.  We found out that not many parks in southern Utah have a space to add your own charcoal to a grill that they have there. One of our stops was this awesome park in Coppertown.  I would love to know the story behind it. I think Jack and I will be making another trip out there for sure.

Felt: Proud of my work that I have been doing in the school.  Of the kiddos that I work with on reading, 77% of them reached the grade level target.  My 4th and 5th graders have made big strides too. It's amazing what a small amount of one on one time can do. It was decided that I would take the last week because the kids will mentally already be on summer vacation. The time has went by quickly. 

Planned: On staying the night with Nick's mom and step-dad on our way to Phoenix. I had no idea that they would be getting back from driving their stuff cross country. They were nice enough to even unloaded and assemble a bed for us. And then, we stayed up way too late just chatting. Jack was so excited because right out their front door is one of the condo's pools. He hopped right in. It was a bit too chilly for me without any sun. There was a perfectly heated hot tub too.  I am very grateful to them. 

Loved: Our first half of our Memorial Day Vacation.  It was so much fun to see new places, like the Hoover Dam, and to hang out with family. We have plans to see even more tomorrow. I just love watching Jack play with his cousins. I am so thankful for those relationships.  

Here are the pics for the week:
Coppertown Park

Anyone want a cat?

Sack races

Swimming at night

The Hoover Dam
  Rebels from the beginning

Look how low the water is.  It's such a stark contrast between the normal and the current. 

It's a long way down

I asked the boys if I could take their picture. The first is what they gave me. The second is when I asked for a nice one. The bridge that you see in the background is absolutely mind blowing. It was crazy to turn the corner and see on of the massive concrete trusses in the air. 

This is the overflow area for the dam. It's a crazy looking hole and we called it the Gates to Hell. I can just see one of the boys telling their teacher that is what they saw. 

Our time at Lake Pleasant

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