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A Week in Review (May 31-June 6)

A Week in Review (May 31-June 6)

Watched: Jack have a blast at a splash pad. It was very hot after school on Tuesday when we were meeting our friends to play after school.  This inspirers us to call it quits and go check out the new splash pad that was built in town. When we got there, we found out it was under construction still. Luckily, there was one about another 10 minutes away. It was a neat place to play. There were fountains, squirt guns, sprinklers, and a dump bucket. The different features worked at different times to keep it lively. It was also button operated so that it didn't run if no one was around to keep it  flowing. It also had a great climbing structure behind that Jack enjoyed as well.

Read: Well, I still haven't gotten back on that wagon full force, but I have started reading about 10 pages a night again. I am really enjoying the story, The Hypnotist's Love Story, and keep trying to guess where it will take me. 

Listened: The final disc of Yes Please. I had been listening to the whole thing over the last 3 weeks and got it done just in time to return it and on the last day of school for Jack. I think that Amy has a lot of sound advice for people in her book. She is pretty honest about some of the truths she's learned along her life. While I feel that this book is more aimed at women, I recommended to a man who was going through some issues that Amy addresses in the beginning of her book. A little more deep than your average Hollywood memoir.
Made: A cute, and totally easy, classroom sign for Jack's teacher. She is a huge Diet Coke fan. When I saw my friend post a picture of one that her student had made for her love of Dr Pepper, I just knew that I had to make one too.  Jack also picked her out some dry erase makers in fun colors that he thought she would enjoy.

Felt: Amazement as a looked at the first day/last day picture from 1st grade. Where did my baby go?  He had a great year. He received a medal for going above and beyond his traditional work, called a Conquering Cub award. His teacher dubbed him, Mr Math Whiz. We really will miss her next year.  We celebrated the end of school with a trip to the pool. They heat it to 86, so the water felt amazing.  The pool has a
450 person capacity and there were only like 10 people there so it was pretty amazing. 

Planned: A field day (more like an hour) for 120 1st graders.  We had a Leaky Cup Relay, Pool Noodle Beach Ball Hockey, an Obstacle Course, a Hula Hoop Pass, and a game called Clean Up Your Yard, where you must roll the balls off your side of the yard to keep your yard clean.  All the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Jack wasn't sure of what to think about me using all the stuff from around the house, but I think he is over it now. 

Loved: Going exploring on Saturday. One of Nick's coworkers told him about a lake up by Park City and so we went to check it out. First we stopped and grabbed some lunch. We weren't sure where we were going to go, but when saw Main Street Pizza and Noodle, I knew we couldn't eat anywhere else. It was Jack's version of food heaven. It was pretty good food, but way overpriced.  We spent a few minutes walking around downtown. They have some strict zoning laws and everything has a mining town or ski lodge feel to it.  It is a good sense of history when you are walking along in the downtown area. When we arrived at Jordenelle State Park, Jack had to get in the water almost immediately. I put my foot in and it was freezing.  There was a long concrete ramp that continued into the water.  A couple boys had brought their bike and were riding down into it and splashing. It looked like a lot of fun. They ended up playing with Jack and all speeding way too much time in water that felt like it could give you a cold drink!  I was amazed at a water fowl we saw. It could dive under water for a least an entire minute and swim a great length in that time.  It was very cool to watch. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Finding out a cup of Diet Coke and Mentos don't work quite as well as the bottle. 

Jack in the leaky cup relay. His team won the fastest award. 

This cool piece of equipment was on the other side of the splash park. It doesn't look too high until you look at the adults in the bottom of the picture. 

Jack and his teacher after the Cub Credit Card ceremony. 

This just reminded me of one of his newborn photos and I laughed at his grown up he is becoming. 

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