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A Week in Review (February 22-28)

A Week in Review (February 22-28)

Watched: Adventures in Babysitting. I hadn't seen it in years and we were looking through our free Streampix movies and I saw it and just had to watch it. Jack even thought it was pretty entertaining. If you are thinking about watching it with younger children, please be advised that it does earn its PG-13 rating.

Read: I had to dedicate daytime hours to getting Emerald Green finished. By the time I went to bed at night, the story just couldn't hold my interest more than a few pages. Overall, there were a few plot developments that were pleasant surprises for me.  While I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone, I wouldn't shy them away from it either.  I got a few pages into the short story My Own Miraculous. It's a prequel to the next book on my list, Someone Else's Love Story

Listened: To the wind whip, all around us while we visited the Great Salt Lake Antelope Island. My Sister in Law, Jess, is a huge fan of animals so when read that we could see that Salt Lake and maybe some animals, we knew we had found the place!  It was about an hour drive, but it was worth it. We saw bison, antelope (of course!), a coyote (that's a best guess and not confirmed--it might have been a fox), and a heard of deer.  We saw that Jess has a talent for spying animals in a nature. She could really be a safari guide. There were also some pretty amazing views of the mountains.  There was also a day use spot that Nick, Kyle, Jess, and Jack walked around at. Mom and I thought it was too cold for that so we sat in the car reading the informational brochure and talking. We took advantage of feeling the super salty water with a much shorter walk!  
Again, I didn't do much of the picture taking and will post them when I get them. 

Made: A trail run of Flubber with Jack on Friday.  As I mentioned in last week's post, I will be making it with small groups in his classroom after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It went well but what amazes me was how much fun Jack had with it. He definitely is excited for me to do the lesson with his friends.

Felt: Like I really need to figure out teleportation. We had so much fun with my family. I really wish that I we didn't have to make a 10 hour drive to see each other. It would also make getting back to Kansas City, Wichita, Phoenix, Prescott, and vacation destinations so much easier!  Alas, I don't have the creativity to come up with that type of solution, but a girl can dream!

Planned: On putting together a checklist of things that Jack needed to do to complete his Conquering Cubs goals.  Turns out that he had already done enough of them to qualify for it.  I like the idea of this program because it encourages to students to go above and beyond.  We might work on seeing if he can complete the whole list, but their wont be a ton of pressure to do so. 

Loved: Going tubing down Solider Hollow. My mom purchased us tickets for Christmas. We got the unexpected benefit of getting my mom and husband to go to. It was such a rush to fly down the hill without having to do any of the work going back up. My legs were sore the next day which surprised me. I guess using my legs for breaks used muscles I don't use regularly. We would definitely go back again.

Here are the pics for the week:

The foursome hiking down to the Great Salt Lake.

You can tell how windy it was by looking at my hair!

Some tubing photos

Jack with his new Minecraft poster from Tio and Aunt Jess.  He's constantly discovering things he hadn't seen in it before. 

Love this wide open space!  We use it for so many things.  This time it made for an excellent battle arena 

We borrowed the neighbors dog on Thursday. She loves Monkey in the Middle. Jack requested that I video them playing and put it on YouTube. You can see it HERE

Jack decided to see what the Flubber would do in the freezer. When I first tried to pull it out, I thought it was stuck and we were going to need to unplug the refrigerator to get it off. Luckily, it popped off with a spatula.  It really did retain the freezer temperature for quite some time. 

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