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A Week in Review (March 8-14)

A Week in Review (March 8-14)

Watched: The Jayhawks lose a 17 point second half lead in the final game of the Big 12 tourney. I can't really say that I am surprised though. Ellis is hurt and the other guys are just inconsistent. I hope they prove me wrong. 

Read: I finished up The Scorch Trials. It makes eager to read the third book in the series. Sadly I am like 40th in line at library, so it could be quite sometime before I get to. It really left you with more questions than answers. Ugh!  Next, I began The Bees.  It seems to be going okay so far.  I can't really seem to tell where it is going, but that isn't surprising for me with a sci-fi book. 

Listened: To a bunch of crazy kiddos on the bus on the way to the Field Trip. We visited the Clark Planetarium. A couple of the kids mentioned loving the downtown vibe which cracked me up. We got to enjoy the exhibits before heading to a dome movie that gave a fun description of the planets. It was a bit dizzying, but fun overall. After that we headed to a more interactive exhibit that was presented on a sphere. There is a picture below, so you can see what I'm talking about.  My group was starving and so I bought a large tub of popcorn and a 3 for a $1 piece of candy for them. You would have thought I'd given them the world. They were so thankful and let me know it. I was really impressed by their great manners. The bus ride back was much quieter. Guess they were all a bit more exhausted. 

Made: Plans for Jack to go with our neighbor to a Real Salt Lake game.  He had a blast. She even sent me a couple of cute photos. Since Nick and I aren't really soccer fans this was a great opportunity for him. I love that we have a fun neighbor.

Felt: Proud of my team. We finished the season 5-2, losing to the same team twice. I put together fun little tags to attach to their trophies so they weren't just getting a participation trophy. I don't think I have the skills to coach them at any higher age, but I felt it worked okay for this season.

Planned: That Jack's spring school photo would be just average. But I must say that I absolutely love it. He seems to have mastered his smile. I am so glad that I ordered the digital file too so that I can hopefully crop it so it runs in Portrait mode rather than Landscape.  It's funny when I look him that I don't really think looks like either of us.  Guess that just makes him his own perfect copy.

Loved: The stage movement at the Hale Center Theater. When we arrived, I couldn't imagine how they could transform such a small space into stage. But they did, and it was awesome to see. The play was so-so for me.  I was watching one of the extras and I was like I know her. And then I said "nah, must be  her cousin". But she grabbed me after the show as I was walking out, so I guess I was right after all.  Jack had a good Te too. He got to make a fire and roast hot dogs and Marshmallows. There was also charades and Minecraft playing. 

Here are the pics for the week:

Most of the 1st grade class enjoying their presentation at the Planetarium.  There were interactive clickers that the kids really enjoyed. 

Jack's spring photo 

A couple pictures of the Hale Center

It's hard to see in this picture, but the frame in the top picture has lowered to become a walking platform. 

Our date night selfie

Jack at the game

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