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A Week in Review (March 1-7)

A Week in Review (March 1-7)

Watched: Jack devour a donut from Banbury Cross Donuts. It was their Strawberry Glazed one and he was a super fan. He even borrowed Mo Willems's words and called it a taste sensation.  I have decided that because donuts make me happy that I am going to try a donut tour of Salt Lake City.  Banbury Cross is the best donut according to the reviews on Yelp.  :) Jack clearly agrees. After we finished our donut we went to Liberty Park. It was an expansive green space. Jack was far more interested in passing and kicking his football than he was the playground equipment. It was awesome because even though it was 52 and sunny, there was still a small patch of snow to play in!  We all had a great time and will hope to repeat the adventure!  Although, when we were leaving I did see a sign that instructed pedestrians to carry an orange fly so they could be more visible (at a signal controlled intersection!), so I don't think I'll go walking in the area. ;) 

Read: The short story, My Own Miraculous. It was a great appetizer for the novel that followed it, Someone Else's Love Story.   As with the other Joshilyn Jackson novels, I enjoyed this easy read. Her stories are best described as Chic Lit. This one follows Shandi on her journey to accept her past and embrace her future.  Next, I began the The Scorch Trials.  It's a Sci-Fi book so those always take me a bit longer to get into. Knowing that, I am not sure why I selected The Bees for my On Deck book. 

Listened:  To the dealer tell me that it would be $875 to fix my car. As I was Googling it, I realized that this was tied to warranty work that the dealership had performed in the fall. I mentioned this to the kid who was ringing me up.  He said he thought it was something different. When I insisted that it wasn't, he spoke with the next higher customer service who did a moment of research and came out and told me that they would cover the repair!  So excited. :)
Made: Jack a headband of curly pipe cleaners for his crazy hair day. It was so much easier than the colored hairspray that we normally use.  He thought it was funny because it doubled as laser eyes too.

Felt: A gamete of emotions during the Jayhawk game vs West Virginia on Tuesday night. I am worried for this team in the post season though. You can't allow yourself to get into double digit holes on the road. They can play so sloppy. Nick contends they should be a number one seed because they won the hardest conference. I think they play to inconsistent. I hope they prove me wrong as they did on Tuesday night when I counted them out of the game.

Planned: On having to scoop my driveway because we had about 2.5" of snow fall in about 3 hours. But by the time I left to get Jack every bit of snow had melted off the concrete. :) The news even called it "the first big snow storm".  I hope they were just looking for news because that could only be described as a minor inconvenience and not a storm at all. There was barely enough snow to go sledding on. But we got a couple runs in and ended it with a snowball fight. It was perfect snow for that!

Loved: Getting Jack's report card. He improved in every area that he could and maintained the best marks if he had already gotten them.  I was able to use our scanner to be able to quickly send it to the grandma's too. You've got to love technology.

Here are the pics for the week:

Oh that's right!  This year is even sweeter as we won it outright, in an unbelievable game, when we were picked to come in 3rd by many. 

Just a wee bit messy from our English Muffin Pizzas

Yumm!  Nick (mostly) made me some red chili burritos on Thursday. They tasted even better than they looked!

Jack's crazy hair and laser eyes

The boys playing catch

The "beware of the drivers of SLC" sign

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