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A Week in Review (March 15-21)

A Week in Review (March 15-21)

Watched: A lot of basketball.  I love March Madness.  It just thrills me to no end and you usually get a ton of great games.  KU blew out their opponent, New Mexico State, on Friday.  While it wasn't very exciting, I will happily take it.  They did get poised for a match up with Wichita State, but that won't happen until Sunday, so I guess that will make next week's blog.  My bracket is doing okay even with the upsets suffered by the Big 12.  I don't think I will win any prizes, but I will be in the top quarter :)

Read: The reading has suffered since I am reading both a Sci-Fi book and basketball has been on well past my bedtime for half the week.  I am not exactly sure where The Bees is taking me, but it's weird.  It's about a bee of the lowest caste in her hive breaking into roles that the caste are supposed to perform well.  As I left off last night, she was attempting to lay her second egg, which is apparently treasonous.  Hopefully I wrap it up next week.

Listened: To Kevin Smith answer questions for about 2 hours.  I can honestly say that I didnt ever think that I would be as close to him as I was on Monday.  He has such a passion for his movies and it made me want to rush out and watch all the ones that I missed (these are the days that I miss the video store!).  I tried to take a couple of picture but they didnt turn out great.  Poor Nick had to go back into work after we got home, but it was so nice to get away and do something together.  I have been very spoiled this last week in and half.  He hasn't gotten a lot of good sleep, but I have gotten to spend a lot more time with him than I have lately.

Made: A cute little bunny banner for the mantle.  It didn't take me long at all and I smile when I see it.  I got the pattern for the bunny HERE.  I liked using the bright colored pom-poms for a more cheery look.  I also just needed four pages of scrapbook paper so it was cheap too!

Felt: Excited.  I was approached by Jack's principal to be an instructional aide for the remainder of the school year.  She wanted me to work 25 hours, but I wasn't comfortable doing that much in addition to the volunteering that I have already committed myself too.  We agreed up 16 hours so I will be working Monday through Thursday afternoons mostly as math tutor for grades 3-5.  The pay is bubcus, but I will enjoy working outside the home and I figure it will look good on the resume too.

Planned: On not doing anything for St Patrick's Day.  But Jack's class did some fun activities and so many of the kids talked about their experiences that I just had to do something.  He kept thinking he was hearing things which clearly had to be his leprechaun.  Then the Minecraft game popped up "It's Here".  Well clearly, I ran with the fact that the Xbox must be able to see the leprechaun.  It couldn't have gotten better because then it said things like "Jason! Jason! Jason!", "From Sweden", "Free Dental Work", and so on.  It wrote a pretty good story.  So, of course, that night I painted some feet on the toilet, left  a golden dollar, and gave him a permanent marker shamrock tattoo.  It was a lot of fun.

Loved: That I finally finished up Jack's birth to five books.  I have always had them on a back burner in my mind and knew that this was about the best time I would have ever to finish them up.  I feels so much better having it all done.  The turned out super cute and I love that both the books incorporate pictures of him in with the narrative that I wrote.  I don't know if he will ever appreciate it, but I can hope that his spouse or children will.

Here are the pics for the week:

Look how close we were. There was no zoom used in this picture. :)

Jack had a piece of glitter stuck under his eye from his classroom leprechauns antics 

Jason's handiwork

We tried out a local ice cream place, Leatherby's, that Jack really enjoyed. I would take Syla and Maddy's any day over it. Here is his with his bowl of Play Dough ice cream.

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