Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Week in Review (Dec 28- Jan 3)

Week in Review (Dec 28-Jan 3)

Watched: My mom's new kitten, Gordon stalk Jack like he was his newest prey.  Gordon had never seen a kid before and his reaction was pretty hilarious. I got a picture of Jack trapped behind a glass door and Gordon waiting for him on the steps.  Gordon loved to try to get Jack to play with him by batting at his toes and getting in his way when he trying to brush his teeth too. 

Read: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikrey. If you are a book lover, then I would totally recommend this book to you. Just reading all the titles mentioned in this book could give you a great reading list. Besides the way the literature is combined into the novel, I also enjoyed the story line. While parts are a bit jerky by advancing the time line several months with no smooth transition, you still really bond with AJ and the other characters.  This book earned a rare 5 star ranking from me.

Listened: To my mom and Blas finally exchange vows. They decided after 15 years they weren't going anywhere and it was a lot more financially responsible to carry insurance as a couple rather than as two singles. We had fun at the short ceremony and got some cute pictures.
Made: My way through two weeks of mail. There were 29 Christmas cards in my stash. It was quite enjoyable to see so many wonderful faces all at once. Now to just get all the running around down that I have missed over the last two weeks. It was so worth it, escaping reality and seeing our friends and family!

Felt: Thankful that we continued to have good weather on our drive. My mom texted me and said there was a blizzard the day after we left. Wyoming had plenty of blowing snow and they didn't have any precipitation within the 24 hours before that.  I can see why they have to close the interstate as frequently as they do.

Planned: Some fun Minute to Win It Games for our NYE celebration. We had seven teams in total and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Certain games led to a lot of laughs. I didn't get any pictures on my phone as we used it for a timer the majority of the time. Our team came in tied for 4th and we won a whole bag of  Christmas Jelly Beans. :)

Loved: Exchanging gifts with my family. We made Christmas cookies together first.  We then texted a picture to Nick's Aunt Debbie and she crowned the winners of the prettiest and the ugliest cookie. What do you think?

Here are the pics for the week:

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