Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Week in Review (January 18-24)

A Week in Review (January 18-24)

Watched:  Nick totally break the rules at paint night for his company's winter party. I'm kind of surprised that he set down at all.  It's funny how in Utah, no one really know what KU is. I, on the other hand, attempted to follow the directions. I thought it turned out kind of funky. I'll probably hang mine in our bedroom. 

Read: I finished up The Evolution of Mara Dyer. It was not my cup of tea. It was too paranormal and too much teen angst lovers. Sadly, it ended in a cliffhanger and so I'll have to read the third one. Sometime this week, I saw a list that stated a book that they felt embodied each state. I have already read the one for Kansas, In Cold Blood. I figure I need to read the ones for Nebraska and Utah too. Nebraska's is a YA book called Eleanor and Park. I was able to get it on audiobook and have really enjoyed it so far. I don't quite get how embodies the entire state. However, maybe it's because I didn't grow up on the eastern side of the state.  Utah's is The Executioner's Song. It looks pretty intense. I also started Love, Rosie. I saw it was going to be a movie that looked like I wanted to see, so I had to read the book first.  It's been a very easy read so far. 

Listened: To the sound of a V8 engine warming up in my driveway. I took my car in for some recall repairs and they didn't have the parts ready when they thought they would so they gave me a loaner truck. I was given a full size extended cab  Silverado z71. It was crazy big for me. I utilized the back up camera a lot!  I felt so funny getting out of it. It didn't have a running board step so I had to slide out of it. Jack thought it was a fun change of pace. I was glad when they called and let me know my car was ready.  

Made: A bulletin board out of the penguins that I made with Jack's class the Friday before.  The picture doesn't do their cuteness justice. I am always glad when the projects turn out well. 

Felt: Relaxed. It's been nice not to have a week jammed full of things to do or deadlines that needed met.

Planned: On making Poor Man's Lobster for dinner one night. The issue is I can never remember the recipe and I have a hard time searching for one that is similar to how I made it the first time. To save myself some heartache, I decided to take a screen shot of the recipe and attach it here so I can upload it to Pinterest.  It's a yummy dinner that goes great with the Bisquick cheese biscuits. 

Loved: Jack got a self cleaning fish tank for his birthday and we used his day off school to pick out a betta.  Jack picked him out and named him Paintbrush.  The tank does work pretty well for cleaning.  He loves to come to the tank and talk to you.  I got a bit nervous when I saw bubbles in his tank but apparently that means he is nice and happy. :) I hope he stays healthy and alive for quite some time. 

Here are the pics for the week:

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