Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Year's Resolutions 2015

I saw a meme on Pinterest and thought that it was a type of resolution I would like to try.  I will update as I progress through it.

Break a Bad Habit
January-I have decided to try and stop chewing my nails. I can't remember a time that I didn't bite my nails.  I do it for all sorts of reasons. I've read a couple of articles and will see how I do.  End of January-My nails look great. I haven't bitten them almost all month. I have had to deal with a couple breaks, which is frustrating. 
March-While I feel like I am biting my nails 95% less, they are still pretty short.  They break quite easily.  I wish that I had something to consistently show myself for the lack of chewing.  I do occasionally find myself absently sticking the corner to gnaw on it, but it is not like it used to be!  I just can't back slide since I don't get to enjoy the long nails that I should get too!

Learn a New Skill

Do a Good Deed
I decided that I would coach Jack's soccer team.  I am super nervous about how the kids will do and how I will handle it with my competitive nature. We've had one practice and I see that I have some pretty talented kiddos on my team. I have spent a long time trying to look up drills and teach myself anything about soccer. Our season ended in February and we were 5-2.  I was complimented by the parents and the main person who was there for Parks and Rec said that my team was her favorite to watch because of how nicely the played like a team.  I guess that means went well.  While I am not sure that I will take up coaching again, I wouldn't avoid it like the plague. 

Visit a New Place

Read a Difficult Book

Try a New Food
March-I saw a Groupon for a place called the House of Tibet.  While the Groupon didn't really work for me, I decided that I would try out some Tibetan food.  I went down for lunch only to find out they didn't sell their full menu but had a buffet out instead.  It probably worked better because I was able to try a wider array items.  I tried eggplant, which I never had before.  I am not sure I will have it again unless it was breaded or something.  It was only sauteed and that did not do it for me.  I also enjoyed some meatballs in a curry sauce.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed since I didn't like my previous curry experience.  The veggie fried rice was pretty similar to others I have had before.  My favorite was the Beef MoMos.  They were similar to a dumpling inside but the outside was a bit more like a yeast roll.  I am glad this was a resolution for me or I know I would have never tried it.
Do Something Good for Someone Who Cannot Thank Me
January-I donated a birthday gift to a 4 year old boy in foster care.  He requested a hot wheel track set. It was difficult to find one that didn't take batteries (I thought that might be difficult to consistently replace) and didn't take too much space while still being exciting and age appropriate. I'll never know for sure how I did, but I hope enjoys it. 

Take a Risk
March-While it isn't a huge risk, I am a bit nervous about this new journey.  Jack's principal approached me about being an instructional aide for 3-5th grade math.  The pay is awful, but the hours work well for me.  It will really shorten my "free" time, so I hope that I am able to keep my patience and home cooking up.  I don't want those things to suffer which is where the risk is.  I will let you know how it is going in a couple months.

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