Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Week in Review (December 7-13)

A Week in Review (December 7-13)

Watched:  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jack.  Because we only watch it but once a  year, it was like he had never seen it before.  It is so much fun to have the "new" experience with him every year.  I will really miss watching that excitement as he experiences something for the "first time".  The questions that he asked and the way he processed it were so much different.  We both laughed and said that Nick could never be the Grinch, because the first thing he would have taken and would not have returned even when his heart grew was the bells.  :)

Read:  I didn't do much reading this week.  My new book, The Evolution of Mara Dyer, just didn't draw me in like I need it to at this time of year.  I am pretty sure that I will start up a new book next week.

Listened: To a little man be quite mad at me because I suggested that he go to bed at the time his parents suggested, while he was clearly tired.  It has been a long while since we had a baby to put down at sleepy time.  I had forgotten how heartbreaking it is to hear them cry and no that they have no ability to reason with you.  It worked out, but it made me reflect on the old days and how much my little man has grown hard.  I can hardly believe it's just a little over a month until he turns 7.
Made: My annual holiday goodies.  While they are turned out super yummy, there were too many things that needed refrigeration for ideal storage.  I will try to take that into consideration next year.  I took a photo of the list below.  If you happen to think anything sounds delicious and want the recipe just let me know!

Felt: Shortchanged.  How is that dad's get to be the hero of their kid's life while it is usually the mother who toils away and the one they request everything of.  Since moving to Utah, Nick has had to put a lot of hours in, which leaves me doing more than what I am used to.  I knew what I was signing on for when we decided that he would do the pursuit of this project, but some days it still gets tiring.  However, it just smarted when Jack had to answer his homework question about a hero and he answered without a beat, "My awesome dad".  On the flip side, I am glad that I married a man, who even in times of working too many hours, takes the time to stay awesome with his kiddo.  Right now, it is because he is willing to play Minecraft, while I stay steadfast in my  refusal to get sucked into that game too.  I also was surprised while reading the other answers of his classmates that dad's had the overwhelming majority of answer.

Planned: On just doing a quick balancing of my checkbook before I went about other business, but sadly, I found out that we were victims of fraud.  A rather unintelligent fellow opened a package I had sent to Brooklyn and changed the included $5 for a $500 one.  It was an extreme hassle to deal with.  If this ever happens to you, please call me and I will help walk you through it!

Loved: Seeing the lights in Draper Park.  Luckily, we went right out at the conclusion of the Broncos clinching the AFC West (which I love too by the way!).  The weather was beautiful.  Jack enjoyed rolling down the hill and just playing around.  I wanted to take a picture of Jack near the magnificent tree, but my camera phone just couldn't do it.  Instead we got his silhouette, which I think is pretty awesome too.  Afterwards we went and saw a neat light show put on by two houses.  It reconfirmed that Jack hates the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy song.  It just really creeps him out ;)

Here are the pics for the week:

My holiday baking list.

Jack helps the little man unwrap his Christmas present for us.  Like almost all 1 year olds, he was not interested in the process.  :)

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